A letter to the women in my life.

We seem too live in an age in which everyone seems so busy that no one ever seems to stop and say thank you.

Well, today i want to change that.

With today being Galentines Day, i thought I’d write a little something about the influences the women in my life have. I wouldn’t be the person i am today without my best friend, the uni girls or my mum.

Over the past few years I’ve spent so much time anxious, I’ve spent so much time picking apart every aspect of who i was or what i have- for no other reason than i could. Tearing apart every aspect of your life, comes the constant feeling of being hollow. In essence you become a shell of someone you once were. That was until the women in my life picked me up and helped me realise who i was and where i wanted to be.

My best friend, has picked me up when things got so hard i could hardly breathe. She’s been there to read my late night texts that didn’t make sense because I didn’t make sense. She was there when i lost my grandparents, when things at home got rough and she helped me realise that just because i was ‘bigger girl’ it didn’t mean i couldn’t dream of blogging full time. She’s the first person i want to text when something goes wrong, right or if i just fancy a gin and tonic. I couldn’t imagine a life without her.

My mum, the woman who literally gave me life. She’s has taught me that no matter, my own mental health struggles, it is possible to get up, put some make up on and get on with life. To be able to see my mum, who’s fought with MH issues for years, live and holiday the way she has is inspiring and i will never stop telling her that- especially when she doesn’t believe it herself.

The uni girls… the uni girls for me, are my driving force- not because we talk all the time but because their ambitious, focused and even though they may not have the careers they want now, i truly believe that they will. So when I’m and lose my motivation, i look to them to kick me up the arse.

I am so very lucky to have women who empower and motivate me to be the person i am. Calling women like these friends and family is not only I’m grateful for but something that gives me the ability to embrace everything that life throws my way.

If your a woman and are in my life and i’ve missed you of this little note, i want to say thank you. You bring so much joy and hope into my life. You have no idea how much you mean to me, and how just being you allowed me to finally accept my insecurities and finally believe I deserve more than what I was settling for.

I love you all,