Fighting Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome seems to be dotted about blog posts like there’s no tomorrow, but what is it? Well I thought I’d ask the know it all in my phone, Siri, yes, Siri. And the queen she is stated.

Imposter syndrome is a psychological patter in which people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent often internalised fear of being exposed as a fraud.

In essence it’s that little voice in the back of your mind telling you, you don’t deserve anything good to happen in your life. Firing questions around such as, Do I deserve to be here? Am I good enough for this? Why am I doing this when so many others can do it a million times better?

Some would probably argue that it’s a lack confidence that makes you question your worth, but I’d argue the opposite. Many people *cough* me*cough*, know who they are and are reasonably comfortable with it, but Imposter Syndrome is entirely different.

The Day to Day.

For people like me, Imposter Syndrome was simply a myth. We coped with feeling so out of place when anything reasonably good happened to us. There was always something in the back of our minds that stopped us from believing that are achievements were, well, ours and not just a fluke. From little things like paying bills to jumping to the front of a queue so many people(i.e. me, literally me) constantly feel like they just don’t deserve any bit of luck.

When I first got my new job (well not new, I’ve been there over a year) I thought that some one else should have got the role, that I wasn’t good enough to be there- and it showed. I just didn’t believe I was worth anything. After reading In the Frow’s post about Imposter Syndrome, I finally new that I wasn’t the only person questioning their achievements.

Turning down the volume.

It’s all too easy to let those voices win: to let the doubts surrounding your mind stop you from achieving anything. When you seem to be finding your way a little more than usual, there’s always something holding you back.

Sometimes, when your doubts seem to be screaming at you- it’s so difficult to try and turn down the volume. Whilst there are so many ways you can take yourself away and find your focus, Every now and again you need to find something that will just tell that unwanted little fucking voice to back off. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a bath or just a walk around the block, finding your own way to turn down the volume is bloody needed.

My tips and Tricks.

1. Take a walk.

Quite literally leave the situation and take a walk. Being stuck in something where you feel like you’re drowning in self doubt isn’t going to do you any favours. In fact it will probably mean you will fuck it up a million times over.

2. Stay away from the booze.

Now we all know, I love my Gin, but when I feel the Imposter in my brain shouting all odds around like the local drunk, I know it’s times to step away from the Hendricks. If I was to look back on all my less than favourable (yes, there the words I’m going with) times in my life, it’s been when I’ve grabbed a few drinks when I thought I didn’t belong to my own life.

Stepping away from the booze for a few days is key if you want to keep motivated, and prove your worth not only to others but to yourself too.

3. Celebrate!

I’ve only recently started to champion myself when something actually goes my way. When YOU’VE achieved something, YOU deserve to celebrate it. Not your friend, not your family, not those mates that sarcastically comment on your Facebook update, YOU because you worked your fucking arse off to achieve it.

So whether it’s a long bath, a new pair of shoes or a good giggle with the girls, celebrate your accomplishments, because it feels incredible when you do.

Imposter Syndrome used to be a myth: something that no one acknowledged existed out side of there own head, but it’s something EVERYONE has or will suffer with. Whether your mental health has suffered over the years is regardless, Imposter syndrome and the effects it has on your life is endless. Letting the doubts in your head effect your life is easy, it would be stupid of me to tell you otherwise but at times we all let those voices run ragged. Just know you aren’t on you’re own, and know that whatever you think you don’t deserve YOU DO.

Celebrate yourself- there’s only one of you.

Em x