Few Faves

If i am totally honest with you, I’ve tried to start this post at least 5 times, but i always seem to struggle writing something that wasn’t one sided. Writing favourites posts in hindsight should be much easier than what they are. You are literally writing about all the things your loving that month- but writing them in a way you don’t sound like a complete stuck up knob is something else.

So I thought I’d give this little edit a try. Writing about alll the things I love from lifestyle, beauty and music to holidays or trips I take. A few faves is something that I hope sticks. And I hope you do too!

Now, let’s get started.

My Favourite Murder

After being introduced to the mega murder podcast(in the best possible way), after watching a Katie Snooks, vlog last year. If you are unfamiliar or just as nosey as I am, I’ll let you know what my excitement is all about. My favourite murder is a podcast, starring Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgaraff, where the two true crime lovers speak openly (and bloody hilariously-excuse the pun) about Murder’s throughout the years.

From Jack the Ripper to the ‘I survived ‘ tales, the two incredible, pod cast hosts speak with compassion and homily- whilst cracking more jokes than your pissed up uncle and Christmas.

New Kicks.

(Am i cool enough to say kicks? Probably not.)

I’ve never been the kind of girl to wear trainers, I’m not athletic and I previous ideas of comfort were pyjamas. That was until I started wanting leave he house without the threat of blisters. So after last months pay day I marched into my local JD sport and bought these nude puma kicks. I love them!

Weather scruffy or clean I can comfortably throw on these babes, with most things. For the ultimate go anywhere in comfort style, I’d throw these babies on with a white shirt and jeans.

PSA: they have a little bit of a platform- perfect if you’re a short arse like me!

Estée Lauder Day wear

My daily go too, Ester Lauder Day Wear, is my morning savour! After getting up at 4.45am I just can’t be bothered to go full force with make up. This product is simply amazing! The light texture doesn’t provide much coverage but it does give your skin colour. After initially coming out of he tube a full grey colour, the cream slowly changes colour to bronze up your natural skin tone.

Due to this product not being a foundation, the overall texture is extremely light and nourishing for your skin. However, just a warning, if you use any more than a pea sized amount then you will more than likely look as orange as David Dickenson and be an oily mess by the time you leave house. Now, with a high end brand, you’d expect the price to be up there and if I’m honest, just thinking about forming over £36.00 for one product hurts m bank balance- but what I will say, is the the amount of product you get is bloody amazing. I bought this product About 6 weeks ago and I’ve barely used a quarter of it(and I use it at least 5 days a week.

So if your looking for an easy to throw on tinted moisturiser for a bank breaking cost, then this product is for you!

Lewis Capaldi Album

Divinely uninspired to a hellish extent, could be one of the best albums I have ever listened too. Being up there with albums such as Adele’s 19 and pretty much any song sung by Sam Smith, Lewis Capaldi has made an album that I believe everyone needs in there life. Vinyl, iTunes, Cassettes if you’re old school, where ever you get your Capaldi fix – get it.

One of my favourite songs on the Album is One. In hindsight the song is about the ultimate love story starting from the ultimate heartbreak but it always seems to make me think of the girls.

The lyric…….

Reminds me of all the times they picked me up after a bad date or a bad relationship ended. As much as that wasn’t the intention of the song, the meaning behind it makes me listen to it when I need to be reminded the people that have always been there for me, when times have been more than a little rough.

Clarins Lip Oil- 01 Honey.

If you’ve read my recent post, Bad Skin Diaries, then you will know trust my skin hS been in dire need of help- and my lips were no exception. With the change in season and my skin flare up my lips were swollen and sore, even smiling made me reach for the Panadol! It wasn’t until i strolled up to the Clarins counter and was introduced to this little lip saver.

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil, £18, May be on the pricey side for what can only be described as an Uber luxourious lip balm- but trust me when I say, it is worth every penny. In days my lips were much more comfortable and in just a week you could see my lips visibly start to heal. And a month later? My lips are fully healed and nourished- and I could not be happier!