The changes i hope you’re ready for…

As i sit and write this post on the 6th January, I still cant quite believe that 2019 has reared its head. 2018 was such a blur, every day i woke up full of self doubt for not only my blog but my life. 2019, is a year i am determined to change my life.

Whilst 2018 was a year of self doubt 2019 will be a year of changes. Changes for the year ahead have already started and non more so than the changes to my blog.

Content switch up.

In the past i have openly spoken about so many topics. Never wanting to limit myself to a niche, i delved into skincare, dating and even opening up about my own struggles about anxiety. As time went on i found that my blog wasn’t cohesive and after a few wines and a delve into the archives i realised that the posts i enjoyed writing the most wasnt the content that i expected.

I enjoy openly discussing mental health and the effects it has not only on me but an entire generation. Not only do i enjoy writing about it, I’m so passionate about it. A combination of this realisation and my absolute obsesssion of Vix Meldrew’s Exciting Emails podcast, allowed me to realise that being in a niche allows your blog to be an extension of your passions.

So as of now, my content will be based around millenial mental health and lifestyle issues with my own twist. Tackling issues such as anxiety, feeling confident in your own skin and realising you are enough, with cocktail recipes and a few confidence boosting skin care items. Of course, not every post will be heavy think pieces, some will be light hearted too.

Even though content is changing i hope that my relatable writing style will never change. Em Rambles will always be a space that excudes comfort- well i bloody hope it does.

The cliche’ blogger thing.

Numbers. Numbers is an area that all bloggers will agree is the most empowering yet ultimately heart breaking thing to ever be muttered within bloggers. When you’re numbers sky rocket, it gives you the most amazing sense of pride, yet when they plummet, you question everything about yourself. And honestly, i am done with it.

I am done with constantly banging my head against a brick wall and feeling as flat as road kill because I don’t think my number represent the work that goes into my little blog. As cliche as it sound numbers don’t represent Em Rambles, nor will they ever. This change, is something I am so excited about, it allows me to actually embrace my blog, the good, the bad and, the what the fuck was i thinking.

A half arsed schedule.

Looking back of 2018, i can help but laugh. I was either posting daily or nothing at all. I am literally the Michael buble* of blogging. SO, with that being said one of the biggest changes i am making this year is promising to post 3 times a week( or at least a minimum of 2). As of right now I don’t have any set days in mind, so some weeks i may be all about posting at the weekend, others may be a weekday kinda jig- who knows, but i can promise a lot more content and i am so excited.

I really do enjoy writing and hope this addition of a not quite there schedule will help me really kick my blog up a gear.

Invest in my imagery.

We can all agree that my imagery is questionable at best, so over the month of January, I am looking to work with a photographer for a few posts. In the posts I don’t work with one however, i am hoping to take a bit of extra time and get to grips with a few editing apps I’ve downloaded over the christmas period. So, lets all hold hands and pray for the love of a gin and tonic that i actually get better.

Blogging is such a huge part of my life. Not only has it opened me to new friendships but it has allowed me to realise who i am- and more importantly what i want my life to be. 2019 is going to be a year i home my blog and create a space i am truly proud off.

Any way enough about me, what are you hoping 2019 holds for you? Are you a blogger wanting to home your craft? Or are you wanting 2019 to be an amazing adventure, featuring a lot of prosecco? Either way, let me know in the comments.

Em x