New ins… everything.

Hey you fit bunch, So, before I begin, let me address the elephant in the room, this post was meant to be uploaded at the beginning of the month and seen as though it’s already the 18th July- I can safely say it didn’t happen. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m dirt poor until pay day and want to rub salt into my wounds, or maybe I just like over sharing. I dunno. This post is a little bit of everything, from make up samples to the most beautiful baby blue pleated skirt.

Bronze goddess, light.

If you have read my June goals then you will know I was desperate for a new perfume. And after an amazing the event at my local Debenhams, I found this coconut babe. Estée Lauder’s iconic scent is the answer to all my summer fragrance dreams, with hints of couconut, musk and other dreamy summer scents, it’s safe to say I really am head over heals for this fragrance. The price point is pretty steep and at £44, I have to admit, I did wonder if it was worth it. Honestly, I use this every day and it really allows me to feel more myself. For me this purchase was worth it and I will most definitely be keeping a bottle handy for holidays and summers to come.

Primark, Blue pleated skirt.

I’ve been eyeing up a blush pink version of this skirt for a very long time. I was so worried about the cut being unforgiving, or the colour washing me out. Buying the £35 ASOS dream, just wasn’t going to work out for me. I’d given up my hopes on owing a pleated skirt until I walked past this blue babe, it was the last one in my size and I don’t think I have loved anything more. Teamed with a white v neck tee, your on to a complete winner.(Images to come in a very exciting post)

Estée Lauder daily wear sample.

Estée Lauder offer a tester service, in which you pay £10 to try a small amount of product. I do have to admit that I begrudging pad for this sample- which is quite small, but because of the amazing service I bought it- and I have no regrets. I wish I got the amazing lady’s name, as she really went above and beyond. Any way I’m rambling, the product itself is amazing and even my sensitive pale skin needs. Initially the formula comes out as a grey cream but changes colour as it is worked into the skin. A little lasts a long way, the product is very easy to over work on to the skin- often leaving you looking slightly like a tangerine. Only a pea sized amount, sparingly dotted around your face is needed. My skin is so hydrated, looks healthy and gives my skin a slight tan! I love it!

Literally every white blouse I have clapped my eyes on.

I would say a good 40% of my wardrobe is made up of white tees and the rest, pyjamas. White tees, blouses and shirts just go with everything and I am completely obsessed with them. One of my current faves is this low cut, buttoned shirt from New Look. For £9.99 I can say the cost per wear of this is basically nothing. I love teaming it with a pair of ripped jeans or my cute pleated skirt! Such a comfortable yet chic outfit. Winning!

I’ve forgotten, a lot.

There’s so much I have completely forgotten to write about, but these are my favourite things I have purchased over the past month. July has been hectic and I really can’t wait to show you what is on the horizon, over the next few weeks and months. I know this post is meant to discuss the ins and outs of my spending but I do believe this year is going to change me and the way I look at things. Hell, I might even get my laugh back. Thank you for reading, Em x