Goals For June.

Hey babes!

As you all know I use this blog as a little bit of diary, focusing on all areas of my life. Recently it dawned on me that sometimes this little blog can be a more doom and gloom than fruity and motivating. So, from now on in the midst of it all I want to share with you my goals for the month. 3 small things which not only lets you see a much more positive side of me but allows me to focus some energy on something a little more than finding the right pyjamas after a bit of a poor day.

No 1. Cook More.

If can’t cook won’t cook was a term for any one, it’s me. I tend to cock up even the easiest of readymade meals. Cooking doesn’t come naturally to me so this goal, fills me with dread. I’d love to cook a quick meal up for my family or friends and them not to politely tell me it takes of dish water.

So, this month I aim to at least try to cook more, maybe just start with the easy stuff. You can’t burn salad can you?

No 2. Find my Fragrance.

Up until now I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Vanilla chai as my day to day. As much as I still adore this body spray, I kind of want something that feels a little more, well, grown up. With spring and summer finally popping out and reminding us that winter doesn’t last forever, its my goal to find a SS18 Fragrance I love.

Best get looking!

No 3. Save.

Okay, a little boring but as I am sure my bank will agree a much needed goal. June is a pretty basic month for me and I really want to get my head down and Save. Winter is such a busy time for me so I love that summer is way more chilled.

Without the millions of birthday, Christmas celebrations and gift giving, it is much easier for me to save in the summer. I promise this is the only boring month out of the four!

No 4. Do something out of my comfort zone.

Now, I ain’t gonna be jumping out of any plans, fighting lions or touching frogs (ewww), but I would love to do something I would have never thought to before. Even something as simple as catching up with a blogger I’ve never met before. A cocktail master class, perhaps? I don’t know, but I’m sure as hell ready to find out what.

Just as theres no frogs involved. Deal?

And there you have it my four goals for June! How the flipping heck did it get to JUNE! Heres to a happy and productive month!

Always Love,

Em x

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