Being Miserable, Finding focus & Finally Putting Things In Motion


Hello peeps,

So if you’ve read the past few blog posts and thought, ‘jesh, this is a bit generic for you’, you’d be right. Don’t get me wrong enjoyed writing my past(and a few more posts to come) couple of post but to an extent they didn’t feel like I had written them.

Being miserable.

Okay folks, I’ve been miserable for the past few months. I couldn’t get out of my head space and for those around me I’ve been bloody hard work. Shit friend and all that.

Now, I am by no means going to go into why or how I was so miserable, but what I will say is that I hate that version of myself. I’m blunt, grouchy and just seem to suck the life out of the room. After something horrid happened in my life, I decided only I could change the place I was in. So I wrote myself 3 goals for the next two years, in hopes it would kick me up the arse and honestly, so far its worked.

Finding Focus.

Those three things (which I promise to tell you as soon as I feel like the wheels are rolling) really are things that would benefit not only my life but my mental health, too. Over the past month, I’ve had a few panic attacks and honestly I am petrified of being in the same state I was a year ago.

Finding positive experiences such as meditation, walks and even a very small amount of Yoga, has allowed me to relax and channel some of the energy I have wasted worrying on the insignificant things in my life into something much more meaningful. Now I am by no means going to preach the benefits of meditation and Yoga but simply to say they’ve turned this stress head into slightly less of one. Bonus.

Apparently Saggitarius’s are known for losing focus half way through a task and honestly, that couldn’t be more apt of my personality. Drifting from job to job and never really finishing them, is a specialty of mine. Currently I am so focused for at least completing one of these life affirming(okay that might be a bit much) tasks, that I’m making the most of it.

Well, for as long as it lasts anyway.

Getting the wheels in motion…

Maybe a little adventurous, maybe this bit should be called finding my keys in the bottom of my bag?

But I have at least started the process of two of the three things I want to change in my life. Even though I am nowhere near close to completing either of them the fact I’ve started has made me feel a little less glum. These baby steps may be small but they are most definitely in the right direction and as of right now I am so excited to see how far I can go with them.


Promise to keep you update.

Em x

One thought on “Being Miserable, Finding focus & Finally Putting Things In Motion

  1. It’s perfectly okay to feel miserable! I’m not a naturally happy person, probably because I’ve always got so much on my plate! Making a 2 year plan sounds like a great idea though. You’re giving yourself plenty of time and not trying to achieve too much too soon!

    Sian x


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