New In… Beauty.

Now I wouldn’t call myself beauty babe by any stretch of the imagination. My full face of makeup slides off and becomes all sorts of red by 10am. I may be a total novice when it comes to application but I really enjoy a good beauty find. I LOVE opening a new package of something beauty and having a good ol’ play.

In this little list there is definitely a varying list but I am so excited to try them all! When it comes to hair care, skin care and most definitely make up, I may not be the best but I will definitely fall in love with them even if they are all types of wring.

Nyx lip line in Peel.

I love this peachy nude lip liner!

Recently Beth Sandland has been quoted in saying your best ‘nude’ lip is the color of your nips. This may be a little TMI but Peel is almost on point when it comes to this- well they do say sharing’s caring. Maybe a little more on the orange side of things but I have to say I kind of agree with Beth, its definitely much more flattering than the tones I would usually go for!

Now, let’s stop talking about my nips, aye?

The pencil itself is quite hard-which I actually prefer. However, one of the issues I have with not only this lip liner, but many others on the highstreets, is that you spend more time sharpening the pencils than using them. There’s so much waste! Saying that I use this lip liner pretty much every, with the price of £3.50 I can’t help but say that I am pretty impressed with it, waste and all.

Nyx Dewy finish Setting Spray.

Okay, now I am not one for setting sprays. And from the little knowledge I have of them this one isn’t the mothership. Saying that this is highly affordable and its okay for everyday use. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest others to buy this but I’ll probably use this until the end.

On first application it leaves your skin beautiful and definitely shoes a ‘glow from within’ rather than ‘sweaty beast’. As the day goes on and the product wear it almost removes your make up. I’m often left with patches of bare skin by the end of the day.

For a few hours this product is amazing for a full day in a warm office it’s a bit of a no, no.

L’Oréal Botanicals Shampoo and Conditioner.

Not going to lie, this was a complete bloggers find. Lydia Millen has recently credited her locks with this range so when I saw they were on offer in boots I knew I had to at least try them. Opting for the gernrianm oil shampoo and conditioner due to its repairing qualities, and being specifically designed for colored hair.

I do have to give a special mention that this smells bloody beautiful! Picture yourself in a field of flowers and you’ve pretty much got it.

I have only used this product for about a week so I can’t really give too much of a review, but so far I like it. My hair definitely feels less ‘clogged up’ – if that’s a thing. On a daily basis I tend to use a lot of products, dry shampoo, hair spray etc, so often my hair feels a little crunchy to touch. This shampoo and conditioner combo does really seem to make my hair feel clean.

Colab Dry Shampoo.

I am currently a woman on a mission. I want to find a dry shampoo which doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg but works with my oily scalp- Looking at you Bumble and Bumble. Obviously I have used batiste before and its pretty good I just feel a little off about it.

So when I saw colab on offer in my local boots i decided to give it a go. Like the new L’Oreal and conditioner I kind of think it’s a little too soon to try but so far its okay. It’s slightly finer than Batiste and the smell is pretty pleasant- and I adore this packaging.

Right now, I am not so sure this is what I’m looking for but so far its okay.

Nyx Highlighter in Snow Rose.

Okay, I’m guessing you’ve all realized I dropped a pretty penny in Nyx, but this has to be my best buy yet. I never understood peoples love of highlight, always seemed to think that they made me look like the tin man instead of adding a natural hew. Until I picked up this one.

This iridescent bad boy kind of looks a little scary. Color highlights always do but this pink sheen is honestly a god send. Adding a swish of this on your cheek bones just gives your cheeks a pop, and the formula is so light you don’t even notice it on your skin.

I do use this every day, normally blending it into my blush so I don’t look like a shiny smartie. Personally, I find this highlight just finishes off the look. I can’t describe why I love this product too much, because I don’t know.


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