A Cosy Friday Night In.


Recently things haven’t been all peonies and butterflies if you know what I mean. So I’ve been opting for cosy nights in to keep me somewhat sane. Friday nights, in my opinion, should be the one night a week we destress. After the no doubt pants week where we pretend to laugh at jokes that aren’t funny and probably do jobs that aren’t ours.

Obviously, my Fridays are no exception to the rule. Fridays, should be filled with all my favorite thing. Comfort.


Like most millennials, I like a candle. There’s nothing more relaxing than being curled up with a good book, under many layers of blankets reading a book with your favorite scent filling the room. I would go further and say it’s downright therapeutic.

Right now, I’ve kind of fallen in love with Denelm’s own, £1, Vanilla candle. Its sweet enough to just let the smell linger in the room without being completely over powering. Some vanilla scents can give me a headache because there just a little too bold. But not this one, not this amazing bargain candle.

As a rule I do opt for vanilla, as boring as it seems to some the sweet aroma provides me with so much comfort. Perfect for a snuggly night in.

Fresh bedding

Let’s, be honest with ourselves. Nothing beats fresh bedding after a shitty day. Changing your bedding no matter your day really is something to look forward too.

Personally I love my sheets to be super snuggly and opt for a brushed cotton where ever I can. Primark are brilliant when it comes to snuggly affordable brush cotton sheets. I think a bottom sheet only costs a £3.50. Bargain!


If you’ve read one of my previous blogs you will know I am obsessed with films. I don’t have a particular genre, I reach for more often than others, I love them all. Sitting with a cup of tea cough*bottle of wine*cough* and watching a film is such a great way to spend a Friday night.

Perfect way to welcome the weekend? With a hangover, from all the tea.

Face Mask.

I don’t think anyone will truly understand my love of a sheet mask. They’re easy, they work and honestly I miss them when I don’t have them in my life. What’s more is that there are so many affordable sheet masks on the market. From boots own to soap and glory you really are spoilt for choice.

Sheet masks for me are a little bit like candles, in the sense that you don’t really need them but when you have them in your life you feel so much better. I have quite dry skin, so sheet masks really do give the nourishment my skin lacks. This little luxury is such a god send when it comes to a cosy night in AND they work wonders for your skin. Hello, glow from within.

Carbs, carbs for Days.

Now picture this, you’re all snuggled in bed, your favorite scent filling the room AND garlic bread. Dream come true, amma right?

On a serious note, carbs provide comfort. Sometimes a salad just won’t do and I am a firm believer that Friday nights are a night for carbs.

Cosy nights in are a must. Maybe it comes with age but gone are the days of jaeger bombs and clubs with sticky floors. Right now, all I want is my cosy nights in for one.

What about you? Do you love a cosy night in or are we completely opposite?

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