May’s Monthly Round Up.

Hello you lovely bunch,

Over the next few blog posts I want to strip it back and for back to my roots. Sharing with you my favourite things, what I’m up to and a few other tid bits. I’ve had a pretty poor time with my mental health and I really want to focus on more positive things. I hope you understand.

May has been a little bit of a whirl wind, with two Bank holidays, the Sun finding its way out of the clouds and the many a sun burnt Brit, it’s safe to say for most it’s been a good one. As much as my panic attacks have come back with a vengeance I think it has for me too. I’ve finally been able to sit and work out what I want and focus a lot of time and energy into figuring out how to get it.



In Sundays post I shared with you my slightly boring antics from a overnight stay in Leeds. I wont rabbit on about it again but I loved it. It was a perfect relaxed getaway. Definitely what the doctor ordered.

Infinity War

Again, I mentioned this is a blog post recently but I couldn’t pass up a time to write about it. I’m pretty much mind blown about the who thing! Marvel and the Russo Brothers are the best combination since bread and butter.

You have no idea how hard it is not to give away a spoiler or two…

New goals

From the 1st June I’ll be sharing with you my monthly goals. Naturally, I am the type of person who loves to focus her energy into bettering herself, but sometimes it gets all too much. So from now I am taking my mammoth to do list and chopping it into little pieces and tackling them each month.

Some of the goals are little mundane things like, finding a foundation that doesn’t split or finally getting my hands on some fake tan because I am slowly turning a shade of white milk would be jealous off. Others may be the heavier things in life, like finding out what an ISA is or looking into furthering my education. I think* that’s what you call balance.

Changing my Mindset.

As I’ve said in this post (and a few more posts to come) I’ve really been a bit of a Debbie downer recently. I could list the many reasons as to why but honest, I’ve let life drag me down and I hope that i can only get better from here.

May has been the month of realizing things can stay as is and if I want to have a different lifestyle then only I can change it. Focusing on more positive areas of my life means I am not only able to lead a happier life but be a positive person for people to be around.

And that’s always a bonus.

& The lil’ Blog Changes

I don’t think that many of you will notice the changes, or maybe you will. I’m stripping back my think pieces and focusing my time on more positive influences in my life. Sharing the things I love and focusing on the things that excite me rather than things that don’t.

I also, am trying to swear less in my blogs but if the odd fuck is thrown around, so be it.

And there you have it. May’s Monthly round up. It isn’t as exciting as I thought it may be, but this is something I wanted to share as in 6 months’ time I won’t be feeling like this: in six months’ time I can look back and realize that May 2018 was the month of realizing stuff.

What’s happening with you ? Has may been good to you? Or are you reaching for a bottle of wine and motivation like I am?

Always Love,

Em x

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