To the women, who don’t know…

F7DA3C81-7F32-44C5-880E-F3F04F864F43Women, arguably the better sex (let’s face it we are), we empower each other, sometimes without even knowing it. From the caring drunk girls at the club, to the empowered CEO who owns the boardroom, or the mummies who give their lives to the next generation, women are pretty incredible. As much as I am aware that men thrive in all areas too, I personally find something amazing about the undeniable tenacity As much as I am aware that men thrive in all areas too, I personally find something amazing about the undeniable tenacity of females. Sorry, but really not, sorry of females. Sorry, but really not, sorry.

This post isn’t about feminism, this is a post aimed to share the women who make me, me. Who make me strive to be better, who make me want to focus my heart on soul into a career. Basically, this is a nod to the women who indirectly make me feel empowered but will never know it.

*Sam the Accountant.

First up, let’s call her *Sam the accountant. Sam* rocks all outfits with a fuck this shit attitude. Whenever she walks in a room people know she’s there. From her, oh I just woke up like this tousled hair to the, can walk for miles in six inch heels kind of look. She not only owns her look but she commands a room.

And what does Sam* make me want to be you ask? Confident. Sam may not be confident all the time- none of us ever are, but she has confidence in her own abilities. Doubting yourself aides fuck all nothing, it limits your self-worth, tames your talent and creates havoc on your ambition. If I am ever to learn anything from Sam* I hope it’s to own your talents and wear them with pride. You go Sam.

Tory*, the nail tech.

Now this one is a little strange- a little like Tory*. Tory* is currently in her own word having a Spiritual crisis. With her emotions telling her one thing and she body telling her another. Does she let anything stop her? No. Day dreaming her way through life, one achievement at a time, she surpasses even her own expectations- not that she would ever stop to see that.

What have I learnt from Tory*? Day dreaming shouldn’t be sniffed at, it should be embraced. By nature both Tory* and I are day dreamers. We are often told to get our heads out of the clouds and into something productive. Yet, what if one day our day dreams become a reality? What if the day dreams which help is get through the day, are in fact out brains trying to remind us, of our goals, form becoming a writer to becoming a family?

Keep day dreaming Tory*.

Sophie, the mommy.

Okay, so Sophie, kind of one of my besties but here’s the thing. We live over 400 miles apart. Sophie does anything she can for her little one. She struggles daily with chronic pain which sometimes can leave her more than a little anxious. Does that stop her from being a mum? NO. Does that stop her from running her own business? No. DOES IT STOP HER FROM BEING MY AGONY AUNT AFTER I’VE FUCKED UP FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME? Nah, she laughs and reminds me I’m a hufflepuff.

And what have I learned from soph*? Love.

{Inserts break for vomiting.}

Soph showed me that no matter what you are going through, no matter the reason, the people who love you will always give you a reason to strive to be better. Sometimes the empowerment you need is at the end of a hug, and I love you or even a bottle of tequila. Soph* is an amazing mum that worries about her abilities, she need to never do that. Soph* you are truly amazing.


*People who I have mentioned throughout this blog posts names have been changed, to protect them and myself from any embarrassment in the future.

Women are often type casted as bitches, as people who will tear someone down when there are unhappy themselves. Yet, all too often its other women that push us (yes, shocker I am female, too) to continue to be better. To build a world of positives rather than negative. It might just be me, but I wanted to share a little nod to the women who may not know it, but have a huge impact in my life.

Thank you, your boss ass babes.

Always love,

Em x