The Drugstore Products Saving My Skin.


Okay my loves, the old bank balance has been looking pretty bloody shoddy and well my skin hasn’t looked much better. After a few days of feeling really crappy about my skin I decided enough was enough and strolled into my local Boots. With a limited budget I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to find something which would actually help.

My skin was still recovering from a reaction to a cleanser, it was sore to the touch, dry and really lack lustre. My dry areas, left make up application difficult and over time I became so aware of how awful my skin looked. The products below have helped with pretty much everything I was worried about.  Not all my skin issues have gone but the area which were making me very insecure look and feel so much better!IMG_4778

Garnier Rose Toner

Honestly, I don’t know if I use this product right, but after a nightmare with a facial wash cleanser I decided to give this toner a try. Using this to take of my makeup daily, my skin feels so much better. I do have to use quite a lot of this product to take the day off but at aroung£1.74 (currently)a bottle I shouldn’t complain too much.

I am not sure how to describe the feel, and look of this product. What I can say is this, Garnier Rose Toner does the job without leaving skin sore or leaving any sticky residue on your skin. BASICALLY, it’s a winner in my no longer sore as shit eyes.

Cucumber Gel.

A little know fact about me is when I’m stress or anxious, I rub my eyes. Sometimes it gets so bad my eyes swell and the soft skin around my eyes starts to crack and becomes sore. Boots own cucumber gel has been such a saving grace when it comes to this. The cooling effect immediately makes my eyes feel better and within a few days it decreases the puffing significantly.

What I will say is this, I tend to put a lot of this stuff around my eyes and it blends into skin like a dream. However there is an initial ‘stickiness’ which usually goes away in a minute or two. If there is a product in Boots you need to try its this one. Sore eyes or not.

The shocking part of all of this is that this bad boy only cost £1.50. I have had this product for around 3 weeks and it shows no sign of emptying. I try my best to use this morning and night an honestly, I have seen results. My eyes aren’t as puffy, they are no where near as sore or irritated and after a panic attack on Wednesday, I found myself needed some extra tlc, AND THIS WAS IT.

Garnier Rose Moisturiser.

I have to be honest, I have used this for a while. I love this £3.50 moistriser. In fact my only issue is that I tend to go through this product like theres no tomorrow. The smell, the product, the practicality of the packaging its all brilliant.

As previously said I rub my skin when I’m stress and this product eases the after effects so well without any stinging or irritation. I have read reviews in the past about the which haven’t been great but honestly, this stuff works for me and at £3.50 its going to be a hard job to sway me to try another product.


Credit where credits due, Lydia Millen was the reason I picked up this lip product In the first place. At £8.99 this is no Vaseline.

As I am not the biggest fan of my natural lip colour I opted for the rhubarb lip tint which nourishes your lips with an addition of a natural effect lip tint. This product has saved my lips. As a natural lipstick lover (nude obvs) my lips become dry so easily. Lanolips has been a saving grace and in just a few weeks my lips show no sign of dehiydration or cracking.

£8.99 might be a lot for lip bam, but this stuff bloody works wonders.

A little disclaimer: I can only share products that work for my skin. Over the past three (or so) weeks these products have really aided the health of my skin. The products may have worked for me but they may not work for everyone, please be aware that some of these products could cause irritation for different skin types and textures.

I wanted to share this little post with you because the skin care I have been using may not be ground breaking but right now it is working. And honestly, I don’t think I could be happier.

Have you got any drug store skin care staples? If so leave a little comment and I might give them a try!


Always love,

Em x

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