So, Where Do I Begin?


If you have read my blog before you will know that I have missed a few days, if you’re new hello, I’ve just had a break. Life got in the way, I was wound as an elastic band and honestly I couldn’t focus to write a sentence. A few days, a good night sleep and a fair few cries, I finally feel like  I can string a sentence together. Albeit it if it is a little incomprehensible.

The last few weeks have been home to a shit tone of changes, changes which I never thought I would need to accommodate or even exists in my life. Yet they do.

Life isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact many of the things that are currently happening to me is everything I could ever want. I just feel so out of my depth.

Out of my depth.

2018 is the year things happen for me, I can confidentially say that as they have been changing dramatically already. Obviously I have things I worry about but, those things are significantly lowered with every experience I gain. Creating a constant supportive place in my life(through people and own experiences) has dramatically changed who I am.

And I couldn’t be prouder.

With that pride…

Yet, with that pride sometimes self-doubt comes to the surface and those little voices tell you you’re not enough and you don’t deserve this. Such an awful feeling which will probably never go away as much as it is incorrect.

The shitty answer is, life isn’t perfect, nor are you. You don’t have to be. Striving for happiness isn’t going to be easy. Nor will you be happy 24/7 but finding a slight glimmer of a smile on even the darkest days, will aid your quest in telling those voices to shut the fuck up.



I can’t promise they’ll be loads of content in the next week but there will be some. Hopefully I will be able to stick with my 3 post a week schedule but if not please bear with me. I am simply doing my best.


Always love.


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