The Gin Tour.


Over the next few months I have some pretty exciting things happening. A cheeky overnight stay, an afternoon’s stint in my favourite gastro pub and a few other things I’m sure I will take you along too. If you have visited Em Rambles before then you will know I’m a girl who loves a gin. From Gordon’s to Monkey 47, I am pretty sure I will enjoy them all.

With new adventures on the horizon I have decided to burst my bubble when it comes to gin. Those pretty bottles which scatter the isles of Sainsbury’s, that fancy rose gold bottle that catches your eye in a swanky restaurant or just a gin with an unpronounceable name, over this series I intend on reviewing( the ones I can remember at least).

Of course, a lot of this series in done in jest, you should always drink responsibly and LEGALLY. If you are under 18(in the UK), RELAX, your gin love affair will come when you are ready. And if you are over the legal age and want to enjoy a gin based tipple this series, just may be your baby.

If anything does, worry you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Where was I?

As the picture shows, I visited my local Gastro Pub. The Cadeby Inn, Doncaster. The Cadeby Inn, is home to Gin Lane, so I knew it would be an amazing place to start. Unfortunately we just went for drinks so I can’t review this lovely place but what I will say is if you are in the Doncaster area this place is worth a visit! It really is beautiful inside and out.IMG_4685

Mason’s Yorkshire Gin.

‘Soft juniper, lime and orange rind flavours lead to a peppery finish with a subtle fennel fragrance on the nose, whilst on the palate there’s a ripe & sweet aniseed start, with bold citrus flavours, plenty of cardamom & green apple blending into a warm, mouth-watering finish.’- Masons Yorkshire Gin

Masons Yorkshire Gin was the first gin that I really fell in love with. From the proud Yorkshire rose on the bottom of the bottom, to the completely amazing sweet taste of the dry gin- I love every inch of the stuff. Over Christmas I treated myself to their limited addition Apple flavoured gin and my love became an obsession.

Being slightly* local to myself it’s amazing to see so many local gastropubs and bars stock both the original and lavender gin. Both of these gins are and am sure will continue to be my favourite paired with Fever Tree Tonic (literally the best tonic, ever).

Masons also has an intriguing Tea Edition Gin, which I have still yet to taste. But you can bet, that at some point this summer I will be having a few.

*still 100 miles away.


‘Hendricks’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber.’ Hendricks

Hendricks has always been a gin on my ‘to taste’ list. Of course it is sold across a variety of supermarkets, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s never the same at home is it? The big goblet style glasses, crushed ice cubes and the ever so over the top cumber really does require a sunny pub garden.

The smooth consistency of this gin is perfect for all. A measure (double of course) with a fave tonic, you are good to go. Rose and cucumber flavourings add to the expensive feel to this gin. Focusing on elements which personally I would never put together Hendricks is a cut above any other gin you will get in your local Sainsbury’s.

Definitely a quality easily accessible gin.

Gin Mare.

Please, mind the chair.

‘Gin Mare is created using Mediterranean crafts and time, in order to obtain an exceptional gin: from a premium barley base, through delicate maceration and distillation which is independent for each botanical (some, like the citrus carry a harmonization process more than one year) to the authentic blending which expresses all the characteristics of each botanical in the final product.


If I never try another top shelf gin again, I’ll be happy. The smooth flavouring (do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?) of citrus really does make this gin unique. In such a demanding and varied market many gins basically taste the same. Except Gin Mare.

Being Garnished with Olives and Rosemary, this in is pretty out of this world. In fact if I am complete honest with you it’s what start this ill series.

What I will say is this gin is pretty hard to get, you won’t find yourself finding it in the middle of Sainsbury’s selection that’s for sure. Yet, if you are a fan of a gin and see Gin Mare sitting on the top shelf I urge you to at least try it once.

It’s that damn, good.

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of this series, please let me know if you have any recommendations in the comment below.

Always Love,

Gin Lover x

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  1. I missed that Masons did an apple gin! Gutted, I’m going to have to track a bottle of that down!! The tea edition is lovely, we got it for my dad last Christmas! X

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    1. Honestly, it was beautiful! I couldn’t recommend it enough! Oh I definitely need to get my hands on the tea edition!
      Thank you for commenting!
      Em x


  2. This is the best post I have seen all day!! I am super jealous of you haha! Gin is so incredible (I’m at work and this post is making me want to be outside with a bev haha!) xx

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