7 Rules I Am Trying To Live By.

2018 may have only started 3 months and 12 days ago (when this post was written) but I truly believe I may have learned a few things which has totally changed my way of thinking. Of course, the girls still get a whiny text or at least a few drunken ones but things in my life really have taken a turn. After sending me into a panic, I couldn’t wait to sit down and get the rules I am now living by down on paper.

Some of the below is obvious but, just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean we do it…

IMG_4632Buy the bag.

Or shoes, or coat or whatever you have your eye on. We are all too often finding ourselves ‘saving’ for something and usually end up with nothing to show for it. In the long run are those £60 shoes going to make a difference to your house deposit?

It may not make a difference to the big things but it will put a little spring in your step every time you look, pick up even sniff (if that’s ya thing). That little giddy feeling inside your stomach is worth it. Now, I am by no means saying spend money like it’s going out of fashion, but a treat here and there will most certainly not rock the boat in the long run.

Pamper sessions are life savers.

Pamper sessions? Really…

Pamper sessions are not only to splurge a bit of nail varnish on your nails in the perfect one, two three method, or to learn how to perfectly shave your legs. Creating an hour or two a week to stop, put your phone down and relax has been proven time and time again to benefit, EVERYONE.

Of course pampering is a personal thing, I always feel better with a fresh set of gels, my friend feels swanky with a fresh new do and Barbra down the road, well let’s just say she loves the fake tan. No matter your definition of pamper is, embrace it, love it and wear it with pride. The time you set aside for you is so will only make you a much happier, content person.

Go outside and speak to people.

The actual motion of walking to your local coffee shop and treating yourself to a latte and saying hello to the cashier may sound mundane to say the least. Yet, walking in the fresh air gets you out of the house creates endorphins which intern makes you happier. Speaking to new people in a very casual manner often has the same effect and the latte well that’s just a lovely caffeinated bonus.

Do one thing a month you think you can’t?

Not talking about flying a plan or open heart surgery but I am talking about those little things that others take for granted but seem totally out of your league. Driving on the motorway, going to the cinema alone or just telling someone to go away and leave you alone. These are all things that will help you in the long run.

Remember baby steps turn into lunges.

Sometimes we all feel like we aren’t doing enough and sometimes we need to reminded that as long as we are moving we are growing as people. Even if we have hit rock bottom and bounced along the floor a million and one times we learn the lessons that shape who we are.

Taking little personal steps soon become something more than we ever expected. Baby steps are just as important as those leaps of faith.


There isn’t anything wrong with you.

I must mutter the above sentence to myself at least 7 times a day. Often it all seems so easy to believe that everything is going wrong because you are wrong. At times we will all make the wrong decision but those mistakes mean we learn the right choices.

Berating yourself because you stepped on your friends puppy three years ago, doesn’t make you a bad person but it will hold you back from ever believing in yourself. Creating a life you want with even a small amount of self-belief is much easier than without it.

‘Creating a life you want with even a small amount of self-belief is much easier than without it.’

If it’s going to happen, it will.

You can work, 130+ hours a week, take all the classes you want and waste a ridiculous amount of hour’s texting a loser and nothing. Sometimes life leads you down paths that you are simply not meant to take, meaning nothing ever gets off the ground. And that’s perfectly okay.

Sometimes, you have to trust that if something is meant to happen it will- no matter how hard it is at the time something better will come along.

12 thoughts on “7 Rules I Am Trying To Live By.

  1. I really enjoyed this post definitely something I needed to read very inspiring 🙂 ‘There isn’t anything wrong with you’ is something I think I need to remind myself. Thank you for sharing your rules your trying to live by.

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    1. Aww Really? That makes me so happy to read! I often question myself about blogging so comments like this really makes my day!

      I have to say I totally agree. It’s only since I’ve take. A step back and really assessed my life that i realised accepting that you are perfect as you are.

      Thank you for such a wonderful comment xxxx

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      1. Yes really! 🙂 , I really enjoy your posts. I think we all go though self doubt at times but sometimes we have to tell that little voice to zip it 🙂 (though thats very as easy as it sounds)

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    1. Aww thank you! It really does mean a lot.

      That little voice in our heads does really have a lot to be told off for! It’s definitely easier said than done but when it is done it’s the most amazing thing in the world.

      Em x

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  2. I’m joining you in living by these rules! I’m trying to do less Primark hauls and buy a couple of quality items of clothing when I can (seriously M&S is killing it right now!). I’ve also found being cooped up indoors over the past month for revision, I decided to take myself out once a week and treat myself to a hot chocolate or two and chatted to a couple of other girls who had done exactly the same! Revising out of the house was a great idea!

    Sian x


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