5 Ways to Make Your Working Week More Bearable.

If you are anything like myself you will have been struck down with an almighty case of Bank Holiday Blues. And huns, that’s no fun. Sleeping a little later than your alarm, staying up past your adulting bedtime or even just embracing the Easter tradition of Chocolate for Breakfast. If we are all honest, bank holidays are those dreamy things in which we loosen the rails and deal with the consequences later.


Getting back into the swing of the working week after a bank holiday? Well, it isn’t so easy. The 6.30 starts, traffic and dealing with the office politics, is stressful. As soon as the end of the day comes along you find yourself wishing for Friday.  The next few days all seem to blur into one but Friday does eventually appear, but what about the little pick me ups which just make going back to work after a bank holiday less shit?

Daily treats.

A good Moisturizer, an extra biscuit or even the daily obligatory coffee from your local coffee shop are all things which ease the tension of the working day. One of thing recently which as aided my quest for sanity in this busy four day week has been using Aveeno body Yoghurt(bare with me). Personally, I find sweet scents comforting, the smell of honey in the Aveeno Body Yoghurt really does allow not only my skin to be nourished but gives me a little comforting fragrance on the go.

Stick up for yourself.

Now, I don’t do this very often. I don’t have the confidence too, but every now and again I muster enough courage to voice my own opinion. My most recent out burst, was something that I have been too afraid to do for a while. After finding yet another detail unbarable I sent off a few emails and to my surprise. I was right.

Standing up for yourself isn’t a bad thing, it doesn’t make you less of a person. This little but scary thing really has given me a little confidence boost.

Make weekend plans.

Believe it or not the weekend will be here sooner than you think. Why not book a lunch with one of the girls, or block an hour to yourself shopping? Having something to look forward too will not only boost your excitement for the weekend but also allow yourself a little break in your hectic life.

Netflix Binges.

‘Are you still watching?’ Of course I am Netflix…

Finally finishing off a series you have been watching forever is a little bit of a confusing time. Amidst all of season finale drama there is a sense of ‘what do I do now?’. Ultimately you will just move on to yet another series to binge watch until your eyes bleed.

Binge watching a TV series is amazing, you’re basically allowing yourself time away from your own problems and delving head first into a fictional characters. And sometimes, it’s the knowledge of another season waiting for you at home that makes your day a little easier.


Is there anything better than curling up in a bed of freshly changed sheets and reading another chapter of an utterly amazing book? Probably not. Personally when I can’t comprehend yet another thing to add to my to do list, I tend to stop (if I can) and have an hour or two reading. That hour, gives my mind a little break and usually makes me a much better, less whirly version of myself.

And if all else fails.


When life keeps throwing a shit tone of stuff at you. Carbs is always the answer, preferably ones you don’t have to bung in the oven yourself.

Yes my friends, my last resort is always cheese drenched bread.

I hope this little (well may be not little) list will help you make the next few weeks a little easier for you. I once heard some one say ‘if you make yourself a priority then life will fall into place’. Whether you believe its true or not, these little tid bits can just ease the pressure of the week without any guilt. And don’t we all want that ?

If you have anything else to add to this not so little list, please leave a comment below.

Always love,

Em x

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