Finding my passion, again.


As I sit and stare at my freshly purchased Vogue, I am fully aware I have lost my fashion mojo. You see I am a fashion girl at heart. Pattern cutting, materials, absolutely perfect detailing, it all speaks to me on another level. A level I have never found with anything else. Sure, I am nowhere near the stereotypical Vogue lover, but I genuinely can’t wait to read this month’s issue from cover to cover.

Fashion has and will almost probably be my first love. Over the past few years I have completely lost my fashion mojo. Whether it’s been lost through anxiety, or just because I had no direction in my life. Either way I lost something that I am so passionate about.

For the first time in a long time I’m so excited about fashion, about the cut of dresses or even, about the season’s most amazing yet impractical accessory(I’m looking at you basket bags). Yet, what I’m most excited for is having my love of fashion back, and my admiration of craftmanship behind it.

My fashion background

Whilst I am fully aware that I have mentioned my love of fashion in failed fashion post attempts, I wanted to share my fashion back ground. After leaving school I went to college for my first insight as to what the fashion industry was. Over the next two years I found my love for all things art (and fashion) and with that I went on to study fashion marketing for the next 3 years. I wasn’t the best student but I will always remember the teary moment when I found out that I earned my 2:1. Still to this day, it is one of my proudest achievements, and yet another thing I thought I couldn’t achieve, but did.

I worked at Graduate fashion week, had a brief stint at styling and even developed a keen eye for knit-wear. Over the years, fashion has always been controversial, many times it hasn’t been shown (or even earned) in slightly negative lights. To me fashion will always be the place I first found my voice, and I will love it forever.

Fashion future

I pride myself on my blog representing me and fashion(and everything that comes with it) is such a big part of who I am. As with art, fashion speaks to me like something I haven’t experienced elsewhere. To some a dress may be just a dress but to a keen eye its, layers of ruffles, expertly joined together with intricate stitching. Or months of research which goes behind every piece of a collection, or events to promote new designers giving them a chance for greatness. Fashion isn’t just a garment, it’s about the way that garment makes you feel and the opportunities it gives not only you but others along the way.

What calls to me?

In terms of garments, a crisp, classic with a modern twist is always going to be a winner. As much as I love a good trend I often wonder who’s going to wear those fluffy loafers when it’s pissing it down with rain.

Opting for things with a nod to a trend, rather than the full hog, is the safest bet. Something I really want to focus on is high street fashion. The Great British high street is, in my opinion, one of the best in the world. Theres so much choice, its most definitely not one look fits all. Of course if you have the means to buy a rail of Gucci, who am I to tell you differently?

The point of this post.

Think of this post as an introduction to a new area of my blog. I am so happy with the content I am producing right now but I want to introduce smaller posts, fashion NOT exclusive. Right now, I am so excited about finding my style again. Building up not only my wardrobe but some confidence too.

Now, where do I find the money for a Chloe, Faye?


Always Love,

Em x


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