Are we all just treading water?

1FB205E3-2DFC-4C63-88E0-68DF7A815A6EI have a confession to make, I suck at the blog, life, work balance. I take my hat off to any mega babe that can blog like a pro, work like a queen AND have a social life.  The work/life/blog balance I dream of having is just that, a dream. I can’t seem to stalk my way through instagram and not look at a blogger with pure admiration, holidays, drinks with the girls PROMOTIONS! Is there some sort of tool I’m missing? OR is it me? Am I too busy for a life out side of my job and blog?


We ALL say we don’t have enough time to do things, but what actually happens when we get to deadline day arrives and we don’t have a finished product? What happens when your body is telling you go have a break when your to do list says other wise? Most probably, nothing.

Why is it so hard to simply, drop everything, grab the wine and belt out the best of busted with your girls?

PST. Singing year 3000 at the top of your lungs slightly sloshed is very therapeutic.

Treading water.

Currently I’m treading water, I’m doing enough to get by, to look like I can survive the next few weeks at work and create content for my lil blog. And the least we say about my social life the better.

Even after publishing less content I have no idea why I still feel like I am drowning in work. Yes, the content I am currently creating is more thought-provoking, diary extracts rather than what’s in my bag but honestly, I still can’t find the time to take images, proof read my blogs or even double-check my work,  and well, work. If you looked up the definition of treading water you would see me, waving with one hand and frantically trying to stay afloat with the other.

And why am I doing thing?

Well, if I am going to be brutally honest, I don’t want my life to be like it is much longer. I don’t want to continue treading water, I want to thrive. Right now I am miserable, but the thing is I know this trading water thing is only for now, my life wont be like this forever, right ?32526864-5812-463C-A509-02FBE8C11748

A realisation

When you push the boundaries of a to do list, work yourself into the ground or just strive to be better, its difficult. Having to find a limit as to what you can do, is not only self-serving but needed. Life isn’t like a football game, a ref isn’t going to red card you and make you sit down and stress for another 90 minutes.

You have to find your voice and stand up to yourself. If things don’t have to be done today, if there’s no deadline, cut yourself some slack! Ticking all the things off your to do list is great but guess what, the more you tick off, the more you’ll just put back on it. And the joke of it all is that you don’t actually need to complete them all at once in the first place.

The saving graces.

Saving graces? To be truthful I am not really one hundred percent sure that a 25 year-old, millennial with a great love of a G&T should know that saying but lets run with it.

The feeling of ‘drowning’ or even ‘treading water’ can be so overwhelming. Often leaving you feeling that you can’t stay afloat(sorry the sailor puns will eventually subside), but there are things you can do to allow things to run far more smoothly. Most of which are simple task that wont take 5 minutes, but will create an added stress.

  • Organising your outfit the night before – A slightly silly concept, but organising the next days outfit can really help. Business meeting? An interview? Or just a lunch with the monster in law. These three things are all stressful, taking time to actually prepare an outfit to make you feel empowered will not only make things easier, but allow you to know you look like a boss too!
  • Writing a realistic to do list – A to do list, simple efficient and well it makes you feel like you’ve taken over the world when you have completed the lot! Just be realistic, unfortunately you’re not going to change the laws of physics in one night!
  • Limiting the amount of time you spend on things – A good vlog length is something I tend to have in mind, after a full day of work with a building blog to do list. Popping on a Lydia Millen vlog will not only allow you a few giggles but some time to concentrate on your tasks. You may only get one thing done, but its one thing less than you had yesterday.
  • Actually spending time on yourself- you can relax, ya know.
  • Having an end goal even though at times this is detrimental, having a reason to work yourself silly is something not to be sniffed at. Sometimes, we all lose motivation but that end goal will always be there.
  • Girls night – One night a month, where you can open a bottle of tequila and pour your woes out to the girl (or guys) of  your choice. I am a particular fan of this drunken therapy session. A few hours of giggles, sobs and kebabs – life’s for living, don’t waste it by working 24/7.


We are all aware that as a human race we are flawed. The feeling of not doing enough, is always matched with feeling like we are not good enough. No matter how many hours we work, how many times we get up after falling, or even the amount we help others. We (ourselves) will always kick ourselves when we are down. And I for one am tired of it.

Its time to be realistic, put the deflated emotions aside, and admit we are not perfect. We never will be, we simply do not have the time to pretend to be. Treading water isn’t fun, but at times it’s all we know. Focus on you- it’s not selfish. Theres only one you, YOU and you alone have the ability to be anyone you want to. This feeling we all know so well, will soon be gone, don’t waste your time fighting it.

And if you’re embracing your social life, THEN ENJOY IT.

Always love, with a hint of gin.

Em x