Body Image, Future Plans &Typos

IMG_E4259[1]Over the past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog, the direction I want it to go in and what I want to stand for. I am so thankful for everyone who reads this little blog- it still blows my mind that people are genuinely interested in what I want to say. Body image, the future and typos are all things I often battle with, so I wanted to right a little something to remind myself and anyone who else who needs to be reminded that we are bloody awesome- insecurities and all.

Body Image

My body image is slightly iffy to say the least. I am probably not the most insecure person but i definitely don’t think i am an utterly confident Baywatch queen. As much as i am aware that everyone has insecurities, i can’t help but wonder when we get to the point where we just don’t give a rats bottom if we have thunder thigh, bushy brows or a beak of a nose (yes, all of the above is me- I’m hella attractive). Or do we just ignore them and do what we want to?

Currently, i would describe myself as a toe. A little obscure but bare with. I was once describes asย a bland, nothing special kinda girl, with a few to many opinions and a personality of rivita. As I’ve gotten a little older I think I’ve promoted myself- to a toe- slightly boring and better with a swipe of colour.

All analogies aside I am boring and probably as much of a plain Jane as it gets. And I am so happy with that. No, you wont see me running around with super models, no I will not be painting glossy magazines, with my amazing bone structure. But I am finally totally okay with how I look.

Although, if a few pounds goes missing i wouldn’t mind!

Future Plans.

I’ve spoken in the past about how my content has develop- or more so, how I’ve developed. Slowing but surely I feel myself pushing myself into new situations a few months a go I would have plainly said no to. Never being one known for confidence, dare I say I am becoming a much more confident person.

As some one who blogs quite regularly I think there is a pressure to act confident, when many – like myself- need a little more reassurance than most.ย ย  Now don’t get me wrong, i am by no means a sassy as Gemma Collins but i am definitely not the shell of a lassie i once was. So, ill take it.

Outfit shots are something i want to do more off, i think it shows how far i have come. From crap flat lays (which my current flat lays are still utterly shite), to some one comfortable enough to create the images she has always wanted to.

At the moment i just want to continue to love my content, focus on creating the best version of myself i can be and continue to work damn hard to achieve my goals. And all I’m going to say is, so far so good.


Over the past few weeks I have noticed a heck of a lot of typos in my blogs, tweets and texts(my friends are lucky souls and have tend to spend 5 minutes deciphering them)- and truth be told, I’m totally okay with them. Obviously I do proof read my blogs and tweets but some times a typo or two will appear.

I am a firm believer in your blog representing ‘you the blogger’, for me, that means there will be a typo or forty. I am most definitely not perfect, nor is my blog. Making mistakes, is something I have come accustom too, and as much as I am trying to better myself (and my use of grammar, spelling and pretty much everything else) things take time.

So, if you like my content, please bare with me. I am doing my very best right now. One day my imperfect little blog will be a little bit shinier.

Always love,

Em x

6 thoughts on “Body Image, Future Plans &Typos

  1. Whoever said you’re a nothing special kinda girl is a massive moron! You’re wonderful! And being bland/boring is the best! I’m so boring but I don’t have enough time to be exciting! Boring people make the best friends because when you have the time to catch up, you’ve got so much to talk about over a coffee or something stronger! I’m loving your new content and I’m so glad to have you as my friend!

    Sian x


  2. Em, you are so totally not boring, or nothing special, you are special! Just because you think you’re bland or boring doesn’t mean you are, you’re such a lovely and incredible girl with so many things going for you and I’m 100% certain we wouldn’t run out of things to say to each other. It must be hard when you’re thinking of yourself like that, but however boring you may think you are is one totally fine and two you’re not. You’re an incredible girl, and I can’t wait to see more of your posts Em xx


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