OOTW: Happiness.

IMG_0759Yes, metaphorical word vomit alert!

The above photo shows all my flaws, cellulite, double chin and down right awkward posing. Yet, I was so happy. As bloggers, we are meant to show ‘ the best bits’ of our lives, well if that’s the case the back story to this photo is exactly that. THIS, slightly sweaty very basic picture caught whilst I was laughing, is my outfit of the week, because I’m happy.

Sunday morning are never complete without a walk down a canal. After multiple attempts of posing and photo bombs by the scruffiest springer spaniel alive, the above was the best I could get. Sure, its not the classic blog image of the uber babes of the blogosphere but its me, scruffy walking boots and all.

In the spirit of honesty, I am very dubious as to use this image but to me it symbolises the blogger I am. Happy, honest and double chinned.

P.S my double chin is not this severe in RL I swear!


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