Where I’ve been and taking time away.



Today was the first day in a while where I wanted to sit and write a blog post. In the past few months I have put so much pressure on myself to become the blogger I imagine I will one day become. In reality, I don’t think I will ever become that uber blogger I look up to, and some part of me never wants too.

I very highly doubt I will ever buy myself a designer bag(although If a Chloe Nile bag, just happens to fall into my wardrobe then I’d be pretty bloody happy) or travel the world, hopping from continent to continent ticking places of my list. I am a simple girl who likes her world to revolve around, tea, her dog and writing.

Even though I may have let myself have a little breather from my blog, it hasn’t stopped my passion for it, in fact it has quite possibly amplified it. My life is a little bit of a mess right now, not in the sense off my world is falling apart but in the sense of I am so bloody tired of fighting for everything why can’t someone give me a damn break kinda thing.

My break

I had to take a week or two away from blogging because I was putting far too much pressure on myself to be this ‘epic daily blogger’. The pressure was I (and only myself)  putting on me was just too much, I used to panic about  no only creating relevant content but, to keep moving forward with not only my blog but my life too. If your not moving forward, you’re moving back words right?

Well not exactly. Pressuring yourself to be ‘better’ 24 hours a day will ultimately leave you feeling exhausted. Exhaustion itself can play horrible little tricks on you, add in an emotional time and a break will most definitely be needed.

I am fully aware others have continued to post daily content when things have seem very bleak. Although, for me that is just not feasible at the moment. Having a constant stream of anxious thoughts beating me down, its very easy to lose yourself and that is exactly what happened.


 I suck at product reviews and if I’m completely honest, I don’t know my blending techniques any better than I know why people think drinking wine out of a carton is acceptable after the age of 15. And honestly whilst there might be a few product ranges I want to praise to the high heavens, it is unlikely I will be continuing with them. Right now, at this moment in time, I am simply not in the head space to review a product.

So, from now on, I will be introducing a lot more personal posts, and honestly I am so looking forward to sitting with a cup of tea and writing about my current thought of the day. Right now, I am currently still trying to find my feet, so blog posts maybe a little few and far between. BUT, I can promise you (what I always do) that I what you read on here will be the truth.

Moving on.

I am still pursuing a few things but just in my own time. Over the next few weeks you will definitely be noticing some changes. It may have taken a little longer than expected (and it still might) but I hope you would rather read something real, rather than an poor attempt at reviewing L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer (which is epic by the way).

Schedule wise I really want to aim for 3 posts a week, although, it may take me a couple of weeks to get into that schedule- so please bare with me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I am ready to share my thoughts with you and I cant wait to show you what I have been up to while things have been a little quiet- and it hasn’t just been binge watching Ru Pauls Drag Race.ALTHOUGH, that has happened more than once.

Until Next time.

Em x

11 thoughts on “Where I’ve been and taking time away.

  1. Your writing is beautiful, I was just like you, putting so much pressure on myself to become the next best blogger starting to think only about my numbers that I forgot why I started. Last time something like that happened I had to deal with bulimia so now as soon as I feel the pressure I close everything and I repeat to myself: you are not perfect and you don’t have to be because no one is.

    Hopefully this will help you too and hopefully one day we’ll both reach our dream! xx

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  2. I absolutely love your writing style so I can’t wait to read more personal and lifestyle posts from you! I took some time away from blogging a few months ago and it was the best thing for me cause at the end of the day, if you’re not enjoying what you’re writing about, your audience probs won’t be either! Gotta stay true to yourself! ❤️❤️❤️

    Love Izzy | http://www.adoseofchatter.com

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    1. Thank you so much Izzy! It honestly means the world. Sometimes I think its needed. You’re completely right, genuine content is far superior to fake xxxx


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