ASOS Wish List.

Hello my loves,

Recently in a rather ambitious moment I decided to throw quite a lot of my clothes away. The old, the holey and the down right awful have all gone to the clothing bank, meaning I have no other option but to treat myself to some new additions.

After a few hours scrolling ASOS I couldn’t help myself but dream of the new additions to my wardrobe.  From dresses to earing you name it I have imagined 2-3 out fits and argued whether or not it would fit the ‘overall look’ of my wardrobe. You see I am very much a creature of habit, so new clothes often don’t get of the coat hanger or even, in some cases ever out of the bag.

Here are some of the dreamy pieces I have found on my hunt for a new and improved wardrobe!

ASOS Ruched body Cross Buckle Midi Dress,£38.00

ASOS Petite Lace Midi Prom Skirt,£40.00

ASOS Crochet Trim Fluted Sleeve Off Beach Dress, £28.00

Monki Pearl drop Earing,£6.00

ASOS Mini Dress Hanky Hem and Frill Cuffs, £28.00.

ASOS is definitely my go to place to shop! If I need something its the first place I look and I almost always find something I love!

Let me know if you love any of the above in the comments below!