A week in the life.

I’ve been throwing around a few ideas lately, I really love the idea of an casual day I the life post, but if I am entirely honest with you. I am nowhere near interesting enough to warrant one. After trying numerous times in the past an having absolutely no idea how to create the ultimate day in the life post. I kind of wanted to give up.

After the idea popped into my head a few weeks ago I have been rummaging around the blogosphere for some inspiration as to how to create my own spin on the damned ‘day in the life post’ and I just can’t seem to find the words or inspiration to do so.

So this is my attempt to do my ‘a week in the life highs and the lows’. This week isn’t particularly special nor is it have the epitome of class, it just describes my mundane life in the hopes it would be vaguely interesting.IMG_3770[1].JPG


I am a receptionist by day and a blogger by night! So my work never really seems to end. A combination of uploading daily and working 40 hours a week can often leave me feeling a little shit. Usually hitting a wall around Wednesday Lunch time. After giving myself a pep talk I soon find my stride after all I hope to one day be good at balancing out my life.


As previously mentioned I try my damn-est to do as much blogging as I can do at home. Therefore there is very little time spent with any one. On the occasion I do give myself a day off I tend to have a springer spaniel attached to my socks.

I also try to read a few chapters of a book a week. I quite like to designate Sunday evenings to read a good chunk of a book. Currently I am only a chapter or two into ‘The Woman who met her match’ by Fiona Gibson, although at the moment I am no quite sure how the story will play out but I am looking forward to the rest of the plot.


My weekends tend to revolve around blogging images. I love to bulk create images as it’s something that must be done for my blog. I am by no means any good at any form of photography but I most definitely am giving it my best shot (and nagging my friends to help get those all-important outfit shots I so desperately want to do).

Aside from blogging you will most probably find me reading or being the 5th judge on the voice – from the comfort of my own sofa. With a glass of wine and a good old giggle with my mum, I try my best to just put the weeks stresses at the back of my mind and relax.

If I am entirely honest, I really enjoyed writing this post its so easy to forget how much you do in a week ! What are the things you most look forward to in the week?

Are you like myself and are reaching for the Pinot as soon as you can? Let me know in the comments x