New In Top Shop Pieces.

If you haven’t guessed my shopping bug is well and truly back.  I wanted to write a little (or not so little) blog post about all new bits I keep reaching for. Some of the thing I have told you about but others, you may just surprise you.

I really enjoy ‘playing’ with my style. Grungy tees, with smart trousers, jeans with a stunning crisp white shirt and a bulky coat.  With so many ‘visions’  popping up in my head, sometimes when it comes to actually buying the correct clothing items for the ‘image I want to portray’ I suck the big one. A few of the finds(below) really have made look forward to playing around and creating a wardrobe that fills me with all the excitement my sarcastic little heart can muster.

Topshop boots

Please forgive the yellow cast! I’m trying my best.


I have always loved the Chloe, Suzanna boots but alas I will probably never be able to afford the price. So after a disappointing Topshop return, I found these amazing dupes on SALE! Being reduced from £46.00 to £30.00(although right now there £20), I instantly snapped them up. I could have squealed with excitement- I only let the public see that I am a lunatic when driving.

Every bit of these boots scream Chloe, from the delicate gold detailing to the thick buckles. They really have made such an impact on my wardrobe and I have been given so many compliments on them in the past few days- I even got an approving nod from my mother. Winning!

The boot itself, feels quite strange to walk in as they are quite ‘spongy’. Being used to a sturdy strong heel I took a little while to get used too. Although, I did and by the end of another shopping trip (for Christmas presents, unfortunately) I found them pretty comfortable.

Topshop earrings.IMG_4096

On the same returns trip I treated myself to a few pairs of rose gold hoops. I really want to start wearing more jewellery and saw this £6.00 pack a perfect opportunity. And if I’m honest, I am pretty disappointed in the quality. I understand that at £6.00 they were never going to last but after one wear the smaller of the three pairs completely snapped. Its safe to say I wasn’t happy in the slightest.

I do have to say the pair I am wearing at the moment feels much stronger. So I shouldn’t complain too much about them. The over all look of the earrings is simple but quite bulky.  The style itself really stands out and compliments curly hair.

Overall, I don’t know if I would buy these earrings again but I do wear them quite regularly. They really have been a great introduction back into wearing jewellery.And they you have it, this months favourite additions to my wardrobe! Have you treated yourself to anything this festive season? Let me know in the comments.

Always love,

Em xx

*The prices displayed were the prices which the items were when I bought them*



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