Life and times of Rambles.

IMG_4099Hey loves,

I do apologies for the epically shit title, but its the best I can come up with at this moment.


If you haven’t guessed, this post is going to be a ‘life update’ of sorts. I really wanted to update you with my life. Nothing massive has change but I like to keep you update with the general going on. I do apologies, that Christmas has been mention a few times. I had such a great December I couldn’t stop myself from rabbiting on about it.

Being shit at Blogmas.

You see this year has been a massive learning curve and I genuinely cant wait to see the back of it. In the past month I have made it my mission to make memories I will cherish and carry with me. And I have. From my trip to York to my lunches with mum, I really have made some amazing memories. However, making those memories and lack of preparation meant that Blogmas had to take a back seat. Taking some time away from my blog was honestly the best thing I could have done; right now I feel like I am ready to move further with my blog.

I have also changed quite a lot of my life. Being more open to social situations which my introverted self wants me to run away from, has really limited the time I have spent blogging.

Time has been a massive issue, purely because I have bit off a little bit more than I can chew.

I am hoping to relaunch my blog soon,with that I am still limiting the time I can actually spend on this blog.  I’ve been pretty pants and I cant promise that I will continue the daily content but I can promise that the content I do publish is content I love.

Now, to actually update you on my life.

Well nothing has really changed, well except one thing. I for some unknown reason have found my love for shopping again. I think it may be due to recent ‘fuck it I’m going to do it’ attitude shift. Recently I have been browsing net-a-porter like a boss and looking for cheaper alternatives from ASOS or other stores on the British High Street.

I ADORE fashion and atelier and I really don’t understand why I ever lost my admiration for it. Over the next few weeks I really want to introduce you to the new additions to my wardrobe- if I can ever steal some one to take a few cheeky snaps of me that is.


I am so excited for the New Year. Now, don’t get me wrong there isn’t going to be a big profound ‘New Year, New Me, bull crap resolution’. Yet, I do intend on having a few goals ticked off and a few may involve my blog. Although I wont be shouting it from the roof tops, my goals are written down for me and me alone. Ticking a goal off really allows me to see everything I have achieved both personally and professionally.

Self doubt frustration.

Moving on from goals I wanted to write about something I have seen quite a lot in our blogging community. Self doubt. Self doubt is something every blogger has, its something we continuingly battle with and its something that holds be back on a daily basis. Personally, my friends I don’t think I would have the confidence to fight my own self doubt and continue to blog.

So many amazing bloggers have been the victims of self doubt and I just wanted to write a little note, just in case they ever stumble across this lil blog of mine. ‘You are not your insecurities’. Everyone has them, you are not a fraud or some sort of euphoric wonder woman, you are yourself and that’s why we admire you.

Bloggers, Youtubers and dare I say it ‘influencers,’ really do get a hard time, so please stop giving yourself one too. You can control what you do and not others.

Apologies for my little off topic rant but it breaks my heart to see the women I admire continuing to doubt themselves. And I, like so many others just want to say thank you for continuing to inspire so many.

Always love,

Em x



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