There are so many amazing bloggers who work their arses of to create content, support others and generally shatter glass ceilings. I want to continue to my search to find new bloggers, who are currently smashing their goals and showing the world what they can do. So PLEASE leave links of the bloggers you love in the comment section below!

I am SO proud to call myself a blogger purely because of the people I have met along the way. Many of you will know I pride myself on supporting others and this post is no exception. The two young women below encompass the best parts of blogging and I hope you agree.

Mrs Dollie

This utter babe is the first person to congratulate, support and really care about anything you do/will do in the future. Dollie is honestly one of my favourite people on my SM and any one who comes into contact with her will know that she is absolutely amazing! It is truly a privilege call myself a blogger along side her.

Mrs Dollies, health post have really helped me understand what life is like when you health is struggling. Currently Mama Rambles, health isn’t the best so I always look to Dollie when I need some reassurance. I could list all the blog post I love, but I would probably cry with pride.

This utter beaut has announced she is creating a YouTube Channel. I can’t begin too tell you how excited I am! Now I can completely fan girl on another platform.

My loves, Miss Dollie is one of my favourite people, follow her and send her some bloody love!



Sophar so good is a blog I adore. There is no other way I can say it. The imagery, the writing, basically, I am in love with everything.

Sophie’s style posts are always one of my faves to read but I have to admit her recent collab with Thomas Sabo really got me thinking about my life and the way I would love to spend Christmas. For me a great post isn’t about flashy images or the newest product but whether or not the content makes you think.  This is exactly what Sophar so Good does, it allows you to think about the influence you have on others, both good and bad.

I have had a few interactions with Sophie and she is lovely. After a few tweets you could see how incredibly greatful she is for the people who read her blog- its utterly heart warming. I can’t wait to see what comes her way in 2018!

Both women I have chosen inspire both myself and other bloggers alike. The fact that I am in the same little community as them really does make my head hurt. The blogging community definitely gets a bad wrap and it most definitely doesn’t deserve it(well most of the time).Both Mrs Dollie and Sophie are just two of the many lights in a sea of blogger bashing- positive vibes and all that. Bloggers, such as the two women above, are so key within community and I couldn’t be prouder of being in this big old gang with them.

Have any blog reccomendations? Let me know in the comments!


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