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Everyone has there ride or die products. Products they continuously no matter the season. I have to say over the past few months I have found myself reaching for some surprising products and even repurchasing ones that I initially thought I didn’t like.

The products listed below are the ones which I love, whether they are new finds or old loves from what seems like a past life. Each product is something I am sure I will continue to reach for over the next year, so without any further ramblings lets get on with it.


The Body Shop Body Butter.

Being priced at around £15(for the larger size), to some, The Body Shop Body Butter is on the pricier side of things. However, considering how long a tub last’s (about 2 months for me), then you might want to think again. The product it self is quite thick but melts into skin, leaving a beautifully soft finish. Over time your skin feels absolutely amazing!

Not only is the texture and feel of the product lovely, The Body Shop Body Butter really does come in all scents you can think off. My personal favourite is their Limited Addition Vanilla Chai. This Christmas addition, is something I look forward too every year (and bulk buy the shit out off). I don’t often lean towards sweet smells but the Vanilla Chai scent really makes you feel like a walking Christmas dream. Vanilla Chai has become such a popular scent The Body Shop release seasonal fragrances with similar undertones. Although in my opinion none are as amazing as this original.

My other fave is Strawberry- perfect for summer and holidays!

The Body Shop Shower gel- Any

I often find myself rushing through life without any time to stop and really give myself some TLC. I find splurging every now and again on a lovely shower gel canIMG_4149 really give you a boost.

The Body Shop Shower gels smell absolutely amazing! They’re thick and creamy and ALWAYS leave your skin feeling and smelling divine. Again, like the Body Butter their is more than enough choice of scents, even for the pickiest of people. My personal faves are obviously, The limited addition Christmas Vanilla Chai and their Shea butter shower gel (available all year round) leaves your skin feeling so nourished.

Shower gel is something so simple but it can really make a difference- especially when you’re having a bad day. So if you want to treat yourself without breaking the bank, treat yourself to The Body Shop Shower Gel.


L’Oreal True Match Foundation.

For years, I have always thought my skin was too pale for foundation. Having tried both high end and high street I always left looking (and feeling)like an orange. Until a friend suggested I tried L’Oreal True Match foundation. And for the first time, I found a foundation which didn’t turn me into a tangerine AND gave me some form of  coverage too. I’ve been fan girling ever since.



L’Oreal Volumising Mascara in Fatale.

I absolutely adore this Mascara- which is surprising because I hated it the first time around. In my teens I singed my eyelashes and they have never been the same since. Other than Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara, L’Oreal’s Volumising Mascara(above) is the only Mascara that leaves my eye lashes looking like eyelashes. Many high street mascara’s tend to leave them looking like cardboard, if I am brutally honest- not a great look.

This high street brand, always seems to surprise me with the quality of their products, and whilst I am trying to find a CF alternative, I do keep reverting to L’Oreal.

Liz Earle Hot cloth Cleanser

I promise I’m not going to rabbit on about this product too much as many of you know my love for Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. So, in short this Hot Cloth cleanser has allowed me to learn hour to actually take my make up of- including mascara.

For years I have always struggled with my skin- especially when it comes to hormonal break outs. Until I finally caved and bought this bad boy, and even though my skin is still as dotty and a dot to dot it is most definitely thanking me. Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanser, has allowed my skin to finally look alive, instead of grey and dull- I can cope with the spots.

Real Techniques, Sponges and brushes

I ALWAYS, forget about my brushes when it comes to faves post, but in all honesty I don’t own any other brand other than Real Techniques. Their products are great quality and really affordable.  Don’t get me wrong I am by no means a make up ‘queen’ and I most certainly can’t blend ‘for a week’, but I do use make up pretty much every day (I hate leaving the house with out it to be completely honest).  Real Techniques pretty much always knocks it out of the ball park.

I do have to admit that my all time fave from this brand is the Miracle complection sponge. Its perfect damp and dry!


Bateste Dry Shampoo- Floral.

IMG_4139I am not entirely sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am naturally a little bit sweaty, so often I find my hair doesn’t last well between washes. I did for some time wash my hair every day, leaving my scalp dry and even sometimes sore. After my last visit to the hair dressers (where I got a severe telling off) I was informed that dry shampoo would be the way forward in my quest to start hair training.

Not only does this awesome dry shampoo tame the sweaty mess that is my hair it gives me texture! As well as being prone to being a bit like a chip pan, my hair is flat and takes so much effort to try and make it not look like a wig. Batiste is honestly the best dry shampoo I have tried thus far and I am proud to say that I’ve stocked up on this dreamy scent too!

What are you’re go to products? Have you tried anything on my faves list? Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Ultimate Beauty Products!

  1. The body shop butters are some of my favourite too! They always smell absolutely lush I really loved the summer fruits one they had for Christmas x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com


  2. Batiste seems to be a holy grail product for so many people but I just can’t get on with it! It always leaves my hair feeling so disgusting no matter how many times I’ve tried it, it’s so disappointing because it really does seem to work wonders for other people! I really need to give The Body Shop shower gels a go, the thick and creamy consistency combined with the delicious smells sound incredible and I can’t believe I’ve never tried them! Thank you for sharing all of your favourites!

    Abbey 🌿 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


    1. Abbey your comments always make me smile! I know batiste doesn’t work for every one but Superdrug’s own brand is so good too! I would definitely recommend trying that. The Body shop shower gels really are amazing, I couldn’t recommend them enough. xx


  3. I’m literally with you on the body shop body butter!! I don’t know why I stopped buying it.
    How did you burn your eyelashes??? I want to try the mascara now lol. Xxxxxxx



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