3 things I am leaving in 2017

2017, was definitely a learning curve not only in life but within this little blog of mine.  You don’t to fit into one beautifully packaged little box and, that your content should represent the things you love not what others want to read(although, it is a bonus if they do).


Flat lays.

  • You know it, I know it and I’m pretty sure next doors cat knows it, I am totally awful at flat lays. They’re are so many amazing blogs I admire that seem to just throw a flat lay together and make it look effortless(which I am 100% aware that they are not). At fist flat lays were things I thought I needed to produce to make me look like a ‘professional’ but if I am honest I never really got to grips with it.

In truth, flat lays just aren’t for me and as much as I hate to admit defeat, I will be so happy to leave them in 2017. So, yes that means you will be seeing plenty more of my ugly mug! Sorry not sorry!

Ignoring Motivation.

Motivational quotes get you through life, right?

Okay this isn’t too much of a blogger-ry one, but I have to admit I totally lost track with my motivation during the summer. I have no idea why or what made me realise that I lost myself in the commotion of life, but I most definitely did. Now don’t get me wrong a Dumbledore quote doesn’t fix everything but being open to the idea of finding motivation in an inspiring quote is great to refer back to when things get a little lack lustre.

Untitled Design

Limiting my content.

Okay folks sit down, I could rant on about this for months.

When I created this blog I really wanted to create content that was ‘me’. Although at the time I didn’t know who I was. Now I’ve got my head screwed on a little more, I have found that I am not one dimensional. They’re are so many aspects to my character which I want to share with you. The nerd, the shopaholic and the slightly neurotic sarcastic fool that didn’t realise Egypt was in Africa. I’m basically an onion- I have layers.

I hope you liked this post, I know I really loved writing it. Sometimes you need put pen to paper to really understand the next steps of your life.

So, what are you leaving in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

Always love,

Em xx

A little disclaimer: This post is not meant to be taken seriously. The things listed above are small superficial things which I will not be continuing in the New Year. Just because I feel no need to continue with in the future. It is not in any jibe for the people that will continue to work their arses off to boss the above.

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