Introverted New Years.

Believe it or not I am naturally an introvert.

Amongst the swearing, slightly alcohol fuelled rants there’s a girl that just wants to hide away from the world. When Christmas, New years and birthdays happen you wont find me buy 20 shots at a bar or possibly even In any social setting.

For the past few years I have spent my New years with my dad and little pup. And honestly its something I love to do. Being in a crowded room and waiting up 20 minutes to get a drink really isn’t my scene. Even though I love my introverted new years i am going to change a few things for 2018.


You see 2017 has taught me a lot but nothing more so than embracing who you are. Its perfectly acceptable to tell the world to beggar off and snuggle up with your family- especially on New years.  And yes, my loves that is exactly what I intend on doing.


Ask yourself this. Is there a time where you don’t dream of sitting in your PJ’s, drinking copious amounts of tea and eating your body weight in biscuits with absolutely no guilt at all? Well lovelies, I don’t think you will find anything more relaxing. I know personally I am most happy when I embrace my slothy, disgusting self. Greasy hair, PJ’s and eating a heck of a lot of chocolate. Spending New Year in my PJ’s is a given for me, I will always chose comfort over style. but these stunning Ann summers Satin PJ’s really make me feel amazing and much less disgusting than others in my draws!

Harry Potter, a staple millennial life, obviously. This year I fully intend on watching as much of the HP franchise as I can. Harry, Ron and Hermione have captured the hearts of the nation and of course, everyone in the Rambles house hold so it is most definately a must over the festive period.So, if you need me I’m going to be pretending to turn my cousin into a frog!

Okay this is a little bit of a dodgy one, but please bare with me. There is something so amazing about cuddling up with your little pet, sat next to a mamouth tree with a mountain of fairy lghts twinkling away. The overall feeling of contentment really isn’t something to be sniffed at. Looking down at your little pooch (or any other pet) with blind love really makes your heart burst with love.

This year, I intend on spending my new year the way I want too- not the way I think I should. Clubs, bars or pubs just aren’t for me. Call me boring if you must. Let me know in the comments how your celebrating NYE this year!

P.S. I am aware I look like a cheese obsessed sod. And I am. May change images at a later date.

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