Our tree.


Hello you festive bunch!

I am so excited for an 11 day (which I actually thought was 12) break from work- it is without a doubt my favourite Christmas present of the year. Sorry rents, its true.

Christmas is an odd one when your single and in your mid twenties(fuck), your not excited for presents but your buzzing at the anticipation of eating you’re body weight in pig in blankets! Or at least I am anyway. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer has been replaced by an emotional break down the new ‘Call the Midwife -Christmas Special’ accompanied by your dad snoozing in the arm chair. Even though the excitement has changed, does that mean Christmas has lost its ‘most wonderful time of the year’ jargon?

The Rambles Household isn’t a traditional one. We don’t have little ones to gift too, we don’t have a large family and, in fact, for many years we didn’t really celebrate it as a together. Both my parents- and I after the age of 18– have worked for as long as I can remember at Christmas times. Once I became an adult we woke early, gave gifts and then whoever worked totted off . I know my family isn’t the only one who celebrates the time of year like us. I for one, firmly believe that out little ‘non-traditional’ family Christmas is slowly becoming a ‘traditional’ one.IMG_3850

After years of frustration, Mama Rambles put her foot down. She finally wanted our weird little trio (and dog) to have a tradition and this tradition is now having a real Christmas tree. To some this may be nothing but to us, this was the first step and only tradition we have, so it was mostly welcomed with open arms.

According to my parents the last time we had a real tree I was 4. 4! So when my dad came bumbling through the door, with a 6ft beast, I was pretty excited (and gin filled). After initially trying to figure out where the heck we were going to put this huge tree, we attempted to straighten it and allow it to drop a little.

Whilst the branches were dropping we tried to find the Christmas decorations, only to find we had an explosion of baubles in our attic. Seriously, it looks like an elf threw up, up there. After 15 minutes my dad managed to gather as many of the loose baubles as possible- with little success.

All the baubles we own have been bought at local garden centres through out the years. One of my particular favourites is this little dear which we bought a few years back at a family outing to  Wentworth Garden Centre. Many of the baubles, we own have a meaning or a story behind them, many of the stories make my heart want to burst. One of my favourite pass times is talking about the days we bought specific ornaments.


Another favourite of mine is this cute pink beauty which my mum bought this year on a trip out with my dad. I can’t help but remember how excited she became when she displayed it so lovingly on this glorious tree.

I don’t know if you can tell but there isn’t a theme in the slightest when it comes to our tree. We gave our old, pink and silver theme up years ago after one of my mums’ beautiful, yet failed’ attempts to decorate the tree (she changes it at least three times before Christmas).

Anyway, Christmas for us isn’t an ‘exciting’ time, although we do all enjoy the run up to Christmas and the few days we get off in-between. Introducing this little tradition into our family has made Christmas a little more special than it has been in years. Hopefully the magic will continue, but if not at least I have gin.

Always love,

Em x

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  1. Our Christmasses are quite similar. My mum always works Christmas Eve so my tradition is to spend Eve with my dad and Day with my parents at home, unwrapping presents (we always buy each other small stuff like chocolates and toiletries!), stuffing our faces with food and watching the Strictly Christmas special. Everyone’s Christmas is different and that’s totally fine!

    Sian x


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