Festive Faves.

IMG_3880IMG_3885I think I can safely say, everyone has gone slightly mental this Christmas. I have no idea why or  how things seem to have been amplified to a whole new level. But they most certainly have. Sales, food even coffee has seemingly become a festive tradition- and I absolutely love it. I can’t tell you the excitement I feel when I walk into meadow hall and see their stunning white Christmas decorations (there snowflakes if you have guessed).

As cliché as it sounds Christmas is really, my favourite time of the year. Not only can I eat my way out of house and home (sorry that’s a very Yorkshire saying), but it allows me to spend time with the people I love and make more memories which will aid my sanity for years. I wanted to write a little (or not so little post) about all the things I cherish sharing with my family and friends.

Some of the things listed below may seem superficial or even silly, but their is something magical about them all to me. So, please grab a brew and enjoy my Festive faves.

Mince Pies

For the Rambles house hold, Christmas revolves around food. Cheese, turkey and, of course, mince pies. Currently sitting in my cupboard at home is the most mammoth jar of mince meat you have ever seen- it was a bargain from Tesco! We have had so festive cookery plans, which have seeming failed. Even though my dreams of warm home (ish) made mince pies may be dashed, I can take solace in the fact I can get a pack of 6 from the 24 hour ASDA any time I want too.

This festive season I don’t think there has been a day gone by that I haven’t eaten or at least thought about eating one. With bargain ‘Christmas’ deals you can find these babies, EVERYWHERE. So seriously, what are you waiting for.

BTW, Aldi’s Mince Pies are definitely my fave!

Hot chocolate

I seem to have a new tradition, a Friday hot chocolate which I take up to bed with me and make a to do list I know I won’t finish. I have been reaching for the same hot chocolate since September, spoiler, its not going to change any time soon. Options, Mint Hot Chocolate is honestly the best Hot Chocolate that I have tasted, or at least the best low calorie hot chocolate I have ever tasted.

For the Bargain price of £2.39, this Hot Chocolate saves my sanity and allows me to feel organised for the weekend ahead. Does a lot for the price, doesn’t it!


Now, I have to admit I had a love affair with this whilst I was at uni. Since coming home I very rarely used it, until I recently went to the hair dressers and was told I was washing my hair too much. Naturally I have quite fine hair, so it often looks greasy, meaning I washed my hair pretty much daily.

So after a rather large bollocking from my hair dresser I stopped by boots and grabbed a can of Bateste Floral dry shampoo and I haven’t looked back. Not only does it stop my hair looking like something from the chippy, it gives my hair so much texture!

Not only does my hair look great, it smells amazing too. With the Floral scent, my hair smells so nice! Let’s face it, no one wants a sweaty head.

CHRISTMAS Jumper day!

As you are reading this, the company I work for are celebrating Christmas jumper day. Of course, I wanted to reach for my ‘Gin-gle bells’ sweat shirt but I don’t think it’s really appropriate for the company I work for. So I am opting for my Grey, pearl detailed jumper (as seen In this post) instead.

Christmas jumper day is a day where staff can let their hair down a little and raise money for charity. Save the children, really does some amazing work! And I am so proud to be taking part in Christmas Jumper day, this year.

Costa Christmas coffees

I LOVE CAFFIENE! You know, I know it and I’m am certain my barista knows it too. Costa Coffee always out does itself and I can’t explain my excitement when it comes to their Salted Caramel Cap. There is something that really makes me giddy when I drink one. Its Christmas!

And Miricle on 34th Street.

This is honestly my favourite Christmas film in the world. I would give you a description but I am pretty sure everyone and their mother have watched it 47 billion times. There is just something magic about the cast, the story line and everything. This movie, gives me butterflies and I have no idea why, but I am so happy it does.

P.S. I cry every time I watch it.

I absolutely love this time of year. The things I have listed above hold so many memories for me and will continue to do so. Please let me know your festive faves in the comments below.

Merry Christmas.

Em xx