A little natter.


Hey there, you beautiful bunch.

Over the past few weeks I have most definitely been looking at my life. The changes, my mental health and the things I have learned in 2017 have definitely shaped the way I think and feel. As of right now, I am a much more grounded person- give or take a few tantrums over jeans not fitting the way I imagined.

This lil’ blog of mine is something I am so proud off. From the opportunities I have been given and the people I have met along the way- blogging has really effected my life. So thank you, you wonderful humans, for giving me a place to moan.IMG_3762

Clothing to me, has always been something I hated but loved equally as much at the same time. Yet, after excepting the fact I am never going to have the body of Claudia Schiffer or the face of Scarlett Johansson, I  can finally drop the idea of ‘what I am supposed’ to look like and embrace the face (and body) I have been given.

For years I have been quite unhappy with the way I look, not just with the clothes hanging in my wardrobe but the body that filled them. You see, when my mental health declines, I put a lot of weight on. Neglecting myself in a way many wouldn’t deem neglect. Yet, it is.


I am not for one moment saying you have to lose weight, nor should you. I am simply saying I needed to feel better in my own skin and losing weight, finding my style and making myself a priority has definitely made me feel much better within myself. Finding confidence to further not only my independence but my blog, career has really given me a different outlook when I comes to achieving the thing I never thought possible.

As I sit back and proof read the above snippet I realize how deep, I have gotten, in fact how deep my blog is. And it is far from the blog I initially thought I wanted. My initial idea was one of a space where someone could go for just five minutes, have a brew and find something to smile at. In fact my blog is very much representative of myself. A bit emotional, slightly sarcastic and a little bit Yorkshire.

I realize that there isn’t really a point to this blog post. I just started writing and hoped for the best. Tomorrow you can see the amazing weekend I’ve had to celebrate my birthday, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this little blog. Cause I really enjoyed writing it.

Always Love.

Em xxx

Disclaimer: All images are my own, taken from a blog post I will no longer be publishing but I loved the images so much I couldn’t not use them.

3 thoughts on “A little natter.

  1. Hey,
    Kudos to you on recognising your accomplishments. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from blogging – and I’ve had may a blog in my time – is that they never end up being what you’d intended. It’s interesting to see how comfortable we get sharing with our corner of the world; and for all of the internet’s downfalls, this is definitely one of it’s massive highlights!
    Keep writing chick x


    1. Aww thank you so much! I think you are completely right, the blog I wanted to portray definitely isn’t it. Although I love this! Yes, it really is and I cant quite believe the shit I put online most of the time. I seriously couldn’t put this any better! x

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