Don’t be a dick this Christmas: My 3 Rules.

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The first frost has arrived, fairy lights are draped on basically everything and festive tunes will follow you were ever you go. Guys! Its Christmas.

With so much festive spirit, everyone seems to be a little more crazy than usual and sometimes that’s not for the better. In this time of festive joy I wanted to make a little PSA. So with out any more festive drooling’s here are my three rules as to not be a dick this Christmas.

  • Embrace the chaos.

Queues, drunks and overcrowded trains are unfortunate things that come along with late night shopping and Christmas markets. Football yobs singing some horrific rendition of the Pouges, Fairytale of New York, after an hours wait for a delayed train is something which would test anyone. And after starting a commute home , seeing an overly drunkenly affectionate couple feeling each other up on the 6.05pm train home from work is a slightly sickening feeling, I am sure we can all agree.

Embrace the non-conventional viewing on a train by popping in your head phones and concentrate on not belting out the greatest hits of Christmas buble. Christmas without buble isn’t christimas. Sorry not sorry.

  • Don’t judge the people struggling with shopping bags

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, purely because I can shop without any form of judgement. I recently started to update my wardrobe and of course buying present (I’ve bought 4- and their all for my dad). And speaking of an avid shopaholic, please don’t judge, we are just embaracing Christmas.

  • If all else fails, please try to remember it is the season of good will.

I think we can all agree that Christmas is a really weird time of year for all. There is so much pressure to see everyone, get the greatest gifts and everything else that comes along with it. If you do struggle with the first two rules, then please remember no one likes a scrouge on Christmas.

There are so many things to be greatful for, and yes, that does include the hour and a half you spend commuting.

  • The adoring grandparents.

I haven’t been in a public area and not seen at least one grandad smile, a beautiful big grin at their stunning little grand child. With each little naughty trick, the smile grows wider and you can see the all emposassing love they have for that child.

The feels!

  •  Where theres drunks, there is alcohol.

Yes, this seems a little less serious that the first but bear with me on this.

Craving a nice glass of mulled wine after an utterly awful day at the office? With shops closing at 10pm now there is so much more to offer your mouth than that cheap bottle of questionable plonk. Ask a friend to join you and any night of the week can be ‘girls night’- it is Christmas after all.

  • When its all said and done, think of the memories.

We never know how long we have with our family, so spending Christmas together is magical. Even if it’s filled with arguments, cheese and grandad snoring in the arm chair. The memories will be the ones you reach for when life seems a little gloomy.

Christmas is both magical and difficult, but it is definitely a time to cherish the things and people you love. So please in the mist of all the madness, sit back and enjoy the chaos.

Merry Christmas,



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    1. Oh thank you! I was so worried about uploading this!
      It’s Christmas you have to enjoy it, even the Grinch did eventually! xxx


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