5 small things to cheer you up when your down.



In the last few weeks I haven’t felt like myself at all, in truth that’s why I think I have been struggling to blog. I’ve really needed a week or two to get my head straight.

In the past few weeks I have really needed my friends, family( and cups of tea to just feel more like myself). I thought I would share with you a few things that make me smile if I need a little cheering up.

Pet cuddles

Many of you will know I call my pooch the ‘smelly little pup’, but this smelly little pup gives the best snuggles. Its scientifically proven that dogs understand human emotions and mine is no exception. He know when you are down before you do. Often he doesn’t leave your side until he knows your feeling better, other times he attacks your socks. Either way, you end up feeling a little better.

Rom coms

Is there anything better than snuggling under a blanket and watching a Rom Com(especially if it’s a bit shit). My personal favorite Rom Com is Made in Manhattan, I have no idea why it just makes me feel so comforted. Isn’t that what you want when you just feel pants?

Cups of tea

Tea, is life. Yet, when your feeling down you most definitely need an extra  cup.


Just simply having a little conversation with a friend can really make you feel a little less down. Even if you just talk about the goings on in Hollyoaks or the best Christmas ad, it can just give a little comfort when you need it.

Treat yourself.

See a jumper you love? Or just need a haircut? Treat yourself to something. Even if it just makes you smile for a few moments, sure it’s worth a try?

So there you have it, a few things that I do when I need cheering up. I can only recommend what makes me feel a little better. I hope this helps if you’re feeling a bit off. xxx

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