Blogtober Day 28: Fave Blog words I never use IRL.

cropped-emrambles.pngHey loves,

I wanted to right some amazing analogy describing the love I have for the blogs I write, but you know I adore this little space of mine. In reality I wanted to have a chat about the words I constantly use (on here), which I would never use IRL.


I don't think there has been a post I haven't used 'epic' as a way to show my excitement for pretty much anything. I absolutely adore this word but I would most definitely be ridiculed(with love) for using this 'epic' in everyday conversations with friends and family.


'Boss' or 'Bossing' has been used on far to may occasions on this little blog of mine. 'Boss' is a term I use for something/someone who is completely amazing. The empowerment they/it shares utterly unique to them/it.


Basically, it means talking like two little old women chatting over tea in a coffee shop.

There you have it. My words I reach to within most blogs but I would never actively use in any form of face to face conversation.

Are you a blogger? Do you use any words in blog posts that you wouldn't IRL?

*IRL=In Real Life <3


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