Blogtober Day 26: 30 Honest thoughts we ALL have when we work in an office.


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We all know being stuck in an office for 40 hours a week isn’t thrilling. In fact, some days you would rather stick rusty nails into your finger tips, than trying to create another macro on excel. Working in a office, is something many of us have to undertake just be able to afford to live (and when I say live, I mean wine).  Here are 30 honest thoughts, which I can guarantee I have all day, every day, Monday to Friday.

  • Why didn’t I have an early night? My eyes seem to be permanently closing.
  • Give me all the caffeine
  • Shit, my lipsticks all over my mug!
  • Is it acceptable to eat my lunch at 10.30?
  • Yes, more coffee.
  • Should really get some work done.
  • Can you please stop talking to me,  I don’t care about your athletes foot.
  • 10.45? Seriously, why can’t it be lunch time.
  • Lets have a look on Instagram *instantly hates self*.
  • What on earth have I saved that spread sheet as?
  • I’m sure I can answer 57 emails, in 20 minutes, right?
  • Is 4 coffee’s before 12 acceptable?
  • Sod it. I’m having one any way.
  • 11.30, just an hour until lunch. I can do this.
  • Stomach will you stop growling, you’re not a hyena.
  • Shhhhh. Stomach.
  • 12.15, has time stopped.
  • 12.16, that’s it my stomach is going to start eating itself.
  • 12.25, how? Has the clock stopped? Is it broken.
  • 12.27, can I go early?
  • 12.30, LETS DO THIS.
  • 13.01 Oh man!
  • I can’t wait to go home.
  • Can people just stop talking. Why are there voices so loud.
  • Hello, office politics. I see you.
  • 4.30, the slowest part of the day has begun.
  • Urgh, let me go home.
  • FUCK! Traffic.

Now, if this isn’t truthful I don’t know what is! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

P.S. Please don’t make me feel like an utter twat! And leave a comment, you babe, ❤

2 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 26: 30 Honest thoughts we ALL have when we work in an office.

  1. I don’t work in an office but I can definitely relate to anything food! I get a half-hour break when doing a 9-5.30 so I have to take loads of snacks to sneak during the day! I also say that I can’t wait for home pretty much as soon as I get to work!

    Sian x


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