Blogtober Day 25: BLOGTOBER UPDATE


Hello you babes!

I wanted to pop a little blogtober update on here. Everyone seems to have started this blogtober journey and have completely bossed it! I love reading about the Autumn dreams others have and seeing those beautiful red boots every blogger and their mother has in look books.

I wanted to share with you my process of writing too. Sometimes, I genuinely find nothing to blog about, other times its flowing out of me with woeful wonder. The way my creativity is generated really effects the quality of my post, specifically their titles. The quality of the past few posts, has been utterly shit- its okay, I am fully aware of it.

Blogtober is something I am so passionate about as I feel you learn so much about yourself, not only as a blogger but as a person. This time around it has been no exception. I have learnt that it is possible to keep something to myself and not display on every social media plat for you could find. As of right now folks, I have so much going on and most of it will ultimately benefit my future. So, after blogotber has ended my blogs may be a little sporadic. I do hope you can forgive me and stick with  Em Rambles until December. Trust me, when I say December is where the fun starts!

Any way back to blogtober. I really struggled with blogtober because believe it or not, I’m not an autumnal person. I love everything about this season, but I am such a Winter baby. I find so much comfort within Winter, Autumn just feels like a passive stage of the year.  Other than the stunning leaves and deep plum nails, I struggle to keep my excitement for the winter months at bay.

Many of the post’s I’ve been uploading recently have been pretty bloody soppy.  I can promise that that will soon change, my whit is back and with full force- so watch out.

I hope your as excited about the last bit of blogtober as I am!



4 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 25: BLOGTOBER UPDATE

  1. It’s so true that Blogtober teaches you a lot about yourself. I really struggled with reaching my targets, but that’s not even a bad thing. I do feel so much respect for people that manage to post every single day though. How do they manage??


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