Blogtober Day 20: Friday Favourites No.3


Hello you beauts!

I’ve definitely been stepping up my self care recently, so this favourites post will be filled with snuggly goodness. Oh yes, give me anything warm and relaxing.

Once Upon A Time.


GUYS, ITS BACK. I have a little bit of an obsession when it comes to Once, I love the idea of fairy tales being brought to life in new innovative ways. With the shake up in cast, I am quite interested to see what happens. So if you text me on a Wednesday night, please don’t expect a response until Friday morning. I will be dreaming of Story Brooke (yes, I know it’s not set their any more).

Mint Oreo Cadburys.

I have no idea what its actually called but this has been such a life saver whilst I have been a hormonal wreck. Mint, check. Oreo, check. Chocolate, check. Seriously, this a marvel.

Body shop Camomile Balm Cleanser.

Omd’s! This Balm Cleanser is a game changer. I have wanted to try this since it’s release a year ago and honestly it is incredible. The soft and gentle nature of the camomile allows make up, dirt and oil to be removed quickly. You need the tiniest amount, so the product will last for ages.

The Body Shop Vitimin C peel

Okay, if you follow me on twitter (if you don’t you totally should), you will know I am head over heels for this amazing creation. After a friend of mine nagged me for months to try this product, I picked up a sample pot in one of my local stores. AND OH MY DAYS, it has changed my skin to the point its kind of unrecognisable. My skin is now smooth and soft instead of dry and flakey.



I don’t care if Christmas is 66 days away I am so ready to show you some of my blogmas content. I have so many plans, to do list and well, birthday celebrations to write about I just can’t wait!

Pumpkin Picking.


If you have been around for a while then you will know that I recently went pumpkin picking. And I couldn’t recommend it enough! As two 24 year olds, we marched up and down the pumpkin patch dodging the mouldy pumpkins and taking far too many pictures. It was such a great day.





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  1. I’m excited for Blogmas too! I failed massively at Blogtober because I wasn’t organised enough. I’m defo starting to prep soon so I can get good content out daily! And mint Oreo cadbury’s? Ewwww! What’s wrong with the normal oreo cadbury’s?

    Sian x


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