Blogtober Day 18: ‘ I wish you had more faith in yourself’

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What’s up, chucks.

Guess, who’s back to talking about something that makes her uncomfortable.

A few days ago one of my lovely blogging babes, left a comment saying she wished I have more faith in myself. Now, this is a statement I hear often, from both friends and family. I don’t know why this particular comment resonated with me, but I just can’t stop thinking about it.

When I look around small bloggers, I see a lot of self doubt. Twitter polls asking questions, constant put downs both to ourselves and others, but where does it end? Isn’t it time we had more faith in ourselves? Isn’t it time I had more faith in myself?

With this being said, how do you gain more faith in yourself? Well babes its time, and challenges. Everyone has something that we think we just can’t do. Challenges that even up until the completion, we think we just won’t be able to complete, BUT we do. And we boss it.

So when you need faith in yourself, look back at all your past accomplishments, especially those you would have to fight for.


4 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 18: ‘ I wish you had more faith in yourself’

  1. My other half tells me this so many times but I still don’t have much faith in myself. I’m extremely impatient so something like “time” is not good for me as I’d like to see immediate results… it’s so frustrating! Hopefully I will gain a little bit of confidence in myself soon.


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