Blogtober Day 16: Self Care Night in.

FullSizeRender (20)Hey loves,

I have had such a naff day. Nothing particularly happened but it feels like my stress levels have been put through the wringer. I just can’t seem to get myself together, theirs been tears, road rage and a shit tonne of anxiety. So tonight, I’ve decided to turn off my phone, snuggle up and have a little bit of self care and I thought I would share it with you.

Eat something reasonably healthy for dinner.

Having something reasonably healthy to eat may not be what you want but it is what you need. Load your plate up with a load of veg to ensure you don’t have any guilt the following morning. Let’s face it you don’t need to add to a shit mood with food guilt.

Have bubble bath

Bubble baths are little gifts from heaven. Loading your bath full of bubbles whacking on a vlog or grabbing a good book just gives yourself a bit of time to stop. Sometimes we just need 20 minutes to breathe. And honey if you want to cry, you’re in water any way!

No make up, messy bun and Pyjama’s

Throwing on your comfy clothes, taking of your make up and chucking your hair up in a bun is an armour we all share when we just feel grim. When life gets too much, grab your comfy armour and fight away your demons.

Change your bedding.

Okay, this should be the only stressful part of your night. And I am going to be honest, changing my bedding actually makes me feel ill. But fresh bed sheets, shaved legs and clean pyjama’s. OH COME TO MAMA!

Early to bed.

The earlier you go to bed, the quicker your day ends. Even if you just lie in your fresh sheets, binge watching Rick and Morty and drink copious amounts of tea- snuggling in bed is a must.

Let me know what your go to self care tips are in the comments!



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