Blogtober Day 15: Hello Pumpkin!


I’ve had such a lovely day I thought I’d quickly write a little post and let you know about my amazing autumnal day! In a previous blog shared with you some exciting things I’ve had coming up and today was the start! PUMPKIN PICKING!

A few weeks ago Slytherin and I decided we should go pumpkin picking at a local farm. After driving 20 minutes we were at East Field farm, with a wheel barrow in toe trying to find our orange babes. Once we went on the short walk to the patch we dumped the barrow and walked aimlessly around trying to find some pumpkins to take home. Seriously how do you pick a pumpkin? Green ones? Orange ones? Big ones? Small ones? It’s a bloody PUMPKIN. After about 20 minutes of wandering around, trying to figure out the good, the bad and the damn right mouldy pumpkins (and getting a few pics too- obvs) we found these beauties.


Once paid for, we jumped in my little car and drove home and yes, there was a lot of signing to Craig David! I have no shame!

Bad taste in music aside, we made a quick pit stop in ASDA to by some carving tools, we ventured back home. Once we got home and grabbed a coffee, we started trying to figure out how we actually carve a pumpkin-standard. When we got into the motion of scooping out the insides, carving faces and to be honest trying to figure out why at the age of 24 we decided to be Autumnal AF.

As soon as I had finished my slightly mucky looking ghoul, I waited for Slytherin to complete her master piece- which was a sweet little Harry Potter by the way. We may be 24 but pumpkin picking, carving and just having a little bit of fun, made the both of us so happy! And I’m still smiling writing this post!

I hope you like this little diary post! Let me know in the comments what your Autumnal to do list is this year!



One very happy blogger