Blogtober Day 14: Am I a ‘Bad Blogger’?

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Compared to the girls in many, I’m a bit old, a bit off and basically just a bit too swear-y. My content is relevant to what I am going through now and not to the newest eye shadow palate. I am not overly technical and have only just learned what VSCO is. My views are poor but are ever so slowly lifting.

Thoughts such as this have made me question why I blog and what was the point in even continuing? The hours I put into my little word press blog could be put into furthering my education, or earning more money for an around the world trip- which I don’t really want to go on. And sometimes I can’t bloody get my head around why I continue to do something that I doubt so much.

And then I realize, that I might be just that little bit shit at blogging, BUT I love it. I love seeing my blog grow, I love the little developments I know are happening and you don’t. Expressing myself on a platform that is mine and mine alone is something I cherish and love to my very core.

If we are going to be honest, I struggle with everything in life; like many. Insecurities, trolls or just off handed comments we can’t seem to shake. Our Blogosphere is filled with negativity, some have preconceived misconceptions of what blogging is or should be. To them I’m a ‘Bad Blogger’, but to me I’m just a girl who likes to write about nonsense. And write about nonsense I do.




8 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 14: Am I a ‘Bad Blogger’?

  1. Nobody can be a bad blogger, blogging is fun and its a hobby – a business and work for some but for a lot of us, like me and you… if we want to swear when we write posts and let our own true personality shine through then so we should! hell yah! Enjoy what you do and it will repay you in beautiful ways. Great post lovely xxxxxxxx


  2. I absolutely adore your blog; it’s so real and I feel like you’re having a conversation with me when I read it! I think it’s great that there are a mix of bloggers out there, some who just do personal posts, some who focus on beauty. I am absolutely shit at taking/editing photos; I use my phone and an app on it to edit them. Your blog is your own little space online to chat about whatever you want!

    Sian x


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