Blogtober Day 11: Time to say Goodbye to the Comfort Zone.

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Hey loves,

Recently I’ve been thinking about comfort zones. We all have them, they’re unique to us- or to a specific time in our lives. Some comfort zones at can be found end at the end of our bed, others can be found with someone you love. Comfort zones are just that; comforting. So why are we afraid to embrace them?

Embracing change?

Change is a scary thing- let’s not beat around the bush. Yet, when it comes to a small or even insignificant change in our comfort zone it can feel like the world is against us. When something other than ourselves challenges our little space, you can either chose to embrace it or hate it.

Not having the ability to edit your life like an Instagram image, is frustrating to say the very least. It’s not possible, you can’t delete times in your life out, you can’t change the past or even recreate the present. Whatever situation you have or have had, in the past which made you create your own soothing bubble of goodness cannot and will not ever go away. Yet knowing that will give you the ability to break out of it, to edit your life like Instagram or just to gain the ability of know if it all goes a bit wrong you’ll be fine.


2017 is the year I broke out of my comfort zone and yes, it has been the year from hell so my timing couldn’t have come a worse time. In May I decided that my life needed a big kick up the arse. Things wouldn’t change unless I did. So I gave myself a few challenges.

The big change.

Find a new job?

A few little changes.


Try and go to a blogging event.

Be more social.

If you don’t succeed ask yourself, have you really lost anything for trying.

These three steps have really helped and sure I haven’t completed a lot of my challenges but I have kind of paved a new path for myself and every now and again I kind of feel like I’m getting somewhere. Only for about 5 minutes and then if feel about as useful as a chocolate fire guard. Still, the thought’s there.

Comfort zones will always be there when you need them, the glorious soothing bubble that just makes everything okay. Just make sure you push yourself- even if it’s only a little bit, because as the very cliché saying goes ‘life starts at the end of your comfort zone’

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4 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 11: Time to say Goodbye to the Comfort Zone.

  1. I was never one for going out of my comfort zone but now I’ve forced myself to move away to do my masters, I’m finding myself pushing myself daily. I’m going for new opportunities that I might not get but at least I went for it! I’m learning to survive on my own without my parents downstairs to help me. I finally am starting to feel like an adult haha!

    Sian x


  2. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone brings you beautiful beautiful things in life… so well done! You’re doing amazing Em and I’m so proud of you. I have to push myself out of my comfort zone A LOT and It’s hard sometimes but keep pushing and the destination you eventually reach will be amazing xxx

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