Blogtober Day 10: Direction- Or Lack of it.

IMG_3402[1]Bumbling through life at the speed of a slug having a nap, sounds a good analogy for my life night now. I have so many ideas which seem to flutter in and out of my head. One moment I think sod it, I want to travel the next well who knows. I certainly don’t.

The truth is what I want to do with my life isn’t really possible at this moment in time. And it’s something I don’t think I have admitted to anyone, including myself. And, sorry loves but you’re just going to have to wait to find out what that is.

My life lacks direction. I am so bloody proud of women I speak to daily who know what they want to do and seek it out. Who found their passion outside of blogging and are killing it daily. It’s those women that give me hope that one day I will have a careerthat I have always dreamed of. A career that could really change the life of others. But right now, I’m a receptionist.

Reaching out.

In fact not just in my search for a career but for life in general. I mean it’s not like you can buy it from Argos?

What if that passion never reaches you? What if I’m not meant to have direction in my life? Or the even scarier prospect- What if I’m going to be a receptionist my entire working life? Fuck.

Breaking the mold.

Do you need direction? Do you need to be successful?

Of course not, there will always be someone to look down on you- in my case it’s usually myself. Success is as personal as sex. You and only you, will see yourself as successful. Yet, I never do or will. And neither will you. The image you created as ‘direction’ will taint any success you have. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I don’t have direction because honestly, I wasn’t cut out for the direction I thought was right for me. What was right for my friends and I ? We were going to grow up as bosom buddies with the same job and boss life- right? No love, your wrong.

Life doesn’t work how we expect it too.

It wasn’t until writing this post I realized my direction isn’t paved on a stunning gold path, its paved with copious bottles of wine and a few pizza boxes. BECAUSE THAT is my direction, the morals I hold from the mistakes I have made is my direction, they will propel me through life.

And the fact I got sacked from my first graduate job, will be a memory of the past. So when I find the ‘direction’ we all seem to be fighting over, I will be sure to tell you all. Until then, I hope you will stick around for sort of daily blogging thing I have going off here.

Much love,

The lost blogger. Xxx

19 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 10: Direction- Or Lack of it.

  1. I can totally understand this feeling – but you’ll get there. Do you have an idea of what kind of job you’re looking for or is it something new and exciting you’re reaching for?

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


    1. I know I will, just a very daunting feeling. Kind off, I just can’t really pursue it yet, although something new and exciting sounds like such a dream right now.


  2. Em, I absolutely adore how you manage to get your own unique sense of humour into every post, even when you’re tackling a really serious subject! I think that it is perfectly natural at times to lack direction – whatever is meant to be for you will happen and you will be amazingly happy, I am sure that you will not be stuck behind the reception for your whole life! And hey, give me a road paved with pizza boxes any day, that means you’re having a damn good time!

    Abbey 😘


    1. Aw thank you Abbey, sometimes I just feel like I talk a lot of crap and hope It makes sense to others so this comment is seriously appreciated. xxx


  3. This post resonates so much with me right now – I recently had a bit of a life meltdown too. It’s great that you’ve been able to write this out and admit how you’re feeling to yourself. That’s important. Success is a funny thing. It’s so subjective and we all see it differently. So it’s important not to compare really because we might be comparing ourselves to someone who sets their sights higher or lower than we do. From one lost blogger to another xxx


  4. Ah Em this is such a lovely post. I know you’re feeling incredibly lost right now but the amazing thing is, is that you’ve acknowledged the loss of direction so you can be proactive in changing it. I’m incredibly proud of you xx

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  5. This was a very well written post and I’m sorry you’re feeling lost but you will get there, however long it takes. I think sometimes you’re just expected to know and that can be an incredibly difficult thing, but it’s a good thing to know you’re lacking direction at the moment, and I’m sure you will get to do that thing you want when the time comes xx


  6. I get so jealous of those people who have it all sorted: a career, a killer blog, a home. I’m still stumbling through life at 24 and I thought I’d be killing life right now when I was younger. I’ve been in and out of jobs and had little success with my career that now, I’m determined to make a go of things.

    Sian x


  7. Babe you’re totally amazing direction or not. I did chuckle with the paved with pizza boxes 😂

    I wish you had more faith in yourself and could see what everyone else sees. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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