Blogtober Day 3: What I Learnt This Summer

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As I’m curled up watching an old episode of GBBO, I can’t help but think of the lessons I’ve learnt this summer. The summer of 2017 has been filled of goals, achievements and the occasional panic attack. For the most part this summer has taught me that no matter what happens, things will always get better.

Now, life wiLL always through things at you and at times it you will feel like Indiana Jones trying to run away from a boulder(don’t worry we’ve all been there).

Sometimes, it takes a while for the silver lining to sparkle.

Now, I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I am the bloody queen when it comes to stress. When one door closes, I lose all powers of anything that resembles emotional control. Sometimes shit happens, and that shit pushes us to the point where we break. It can take months to realize that there was a silver lining and you are now on the path we were meant to walking.

Until, it all fucks up again.

People look for drama.

Yes, we are. Whether you create it or watch from the side lines..

Multiple personalities, colliding on any form *cough*Twitter*cough* is so draining. At anyone point on twitter I can guarantee there will be some pointless drama continuing, to establish bloggers as the bitchy little madams the world think we are… It’s okay to have a different opinion to some one else, it’s not okay to be mean.

Just remember: You can only control your actions not those of others, but please if you don’t like something scroll past it!

You’re enough.

BABES, you are a boss.

It’s perfectly acceptable to stay in your pajamas all day.

‘Are you still in your pajamas?’ is a sentence that is repeated to me five times over every Sunday. Sitting in your jamas, watching re-runs of GBBO is an amazing way to spend your day. If anyone has an issue with such matter, please realize, that in fact you’re a genius that saves on the washing. Saving the planet with one lazy step at a time.

It’s okay to wing it.

Every single person has winged something they most certainly shouldn’t wing. Flailing your way through life without the world telling you off, is a skill I have yet to master. So if you have- pour yourself a glass of wine and a massive pat on the back. Well done, you lucky sod.

 You, don’t have to decide your career, right this second.

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to decide the career you want to work your arse off achieving right now! It’s a bit of a shock right? Don’t listen to any one who tells you anything different.

You, do you.

And my final, bit of worldly wisdom (or shit), is just be yourself. There is one you, and you’re a fucking perfect. Don’t let anyone else tell you different. You QUEEN!

So, there you have it, my mental notes which I hope to carry with me through the rest of the year. Let me know yours in the comments below, you little sass pot!




One thought on “Blogtober Day 3: What I Learnt This Summer

  1. This post is so true! I think everyone goes through a time in their life when they’re unsure about who they are and where they should be. It does get better! I’m so glad that now I’ve found what I want to do and I’m definitely going for it! However, there’s a lot going on right now so I’m starting to get a little stressed!

    Sian x


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