Blogtober Day 2: Boozy Hot Chocolates

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Guys, Baileys is on offer- it is officially the run up to Christmas. And possibly even more exciting it means we can have as many boozy hot chocolates as our stomachs can allow. I don’t think I could be happier. I thought I’d share with you my boozy hot chocolate treats (and one quite surprising non-alcoholic one) which I love, and don’t think I could quite possibly feel festive without!


Obviously, baileys has to be front and center! The ultimate babe of boozy hot chocolate treats. Me and my mum go through at least a bottle of this over the festive period soley for hot chocolates. Whoops.

Adding 25 ml to your favorite hot chocolate – I recommend Cadburys Fudge, add cream and a shit tone of marsh mellows(Northern Measurement) and your good to go!


Like Terry’s chocolate Oranges? You will adore this! Adding a spoldge or 25ml (if your counting) of Cointreau to plain hot chocolate will most definitely make your day. Why not add cream and a few pieces of Terrys and let them melt a little before delving in to chocolate orange heaven. AHHHH.


Now, this is one I am not entire convinced on but I know so many others that love it! Mixing together a really luxurious Hot Chocolate- Such as Green and Blacks Dark Hot Chocolate would be a perfect match for a dash of Disaranno. Adding 25 mil (again) and a good stir – with no added bits will really warm your cockles this festive season.

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Not so Boozy.

If I’m honest I can’t quite believe I haven’t thought of this before! White Hot Chocolate with a bit of Peppermint syrup. On paper it sounds a little bit off but in real life let me tell you its perfect for white hot chocolate goodness!

All you have to do is pre make the hot chocolate- obviously I love options and add to taste the peppermint, ensuring you give it a good stir as you go!

And there you have it! A few hot chocolate treats to help get you through the festive season!




8 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 2: Boozy Hot Chocolates

  1. All of these sound amazing definitely thinking of trying the baileys one and the white hot chocolate with peppermint😍💕

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  2. Omg Em! I love this post so much, even though I don’t really drink properly (other than big events like my birthday and whatnot) I do like the odd cocktail AND alcoholic hot chocolate. I got into bailey’s hot chocolates a few years ago when we went to centre parcs lol, great idea. I need one now haha!


  3. Hells yes. I have been putting powdered buttermilk in my own hot coco mix. That sourness with some Baileys and I am in drunken chocolate heaven ( is there any other kind?) lol

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