Blogtober Day 1: A Little life update!


Hello lovelies.

IT’S BLOGTOBER, I hope your ready, for a lot of rambling coming your way! 31 days of it you lucky devils! I’m excited, hope you are too! Now, let’s get  into a little life update!

Just thought I’d give you a little update on, well, me! I have no doubt nothing at all has changed but I thought you might like to be kept updated with the boring thing that is my life.


If you have previously read my blog you will know that I was so nervous to fly- and the holiday was perfect. So, perfect in fact we’re looking for our next visit to Greece. Here’s a link to my previous blog if you want to have a little read.

I also went to the #BloggersBlogAwards and met some ultimate babes! After speaking to them for months I was so excited to finally meet the girls that had kept me sane! Chloe, Debra, Kimberly and Sian are the loveliest girls I have ever met and I really hope we can have another little meet up soon! I was so anxious about going to this amazing award ceremony, but the girls made me feel at ease and after a few giggles, I couldn’t help wonder why I was scared in the first place.


This is a bit of a funny one, naturally I am ambitious. But, a little to ambitious for my mental health! I love to take on a little bit too much. Recently this is something I have tried to stop. I write myself monthly goals- aiming for them to be realistic and hopefully completely them with ease. If not I just move them over to the next month.


I really want to concentrate on my saving- because I don’t have any. After (hopefully) making a few life changes I really need to ensure I can save as much a possible. I am the type of person who prides themselves on helping others- so being able to save an possibly help my family a little more is only a good thing, right?


Jokes, let’s move on…

And lastly, this lil blog of mine.

I love this blog- I may not get the views of Zoella, but I do always get something. This space is mine to leave all sorts of reminders to myself (and those that read it ) that being a boss isn’t created overnight. It’s okay to fall from time to time.

Thank you for whoever reads this- I am eternally grateful.

Much Love!

Em x

25 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 1: A Little life update!

    1. You and me both! I just can’t seem to get over the hundred mark without something cropping up! Thanks for your comment lovely. xxx


    1. I keep meaning to link your blog, but I haven’t had the time! I promise ill get round to it as soon as I can. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you so much Sain ! xxx


  1. I love reading posts like these, you’ve got some great goals and made some great achievements. I’m so glad you did decide to come to the Bloggers Blog Awards as it was lovely to meet you. I can’t wait to see all of your Blogtober posts either, so exciting!

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    1. Aww thank you for such an amazing comment. I’m so happy I met you, you were so lovely and I still can’t believe how far you travelled! Kristy, you’re such a babe! xxxx


  2. Awww Emma I loved this post! I’m super proud of you for putting your mental health first – your point about ambition is so, so accurate and on the money! I really, really need to get better at saving – I desperately want to have some savings stashed for a rainy day and in case anything unexpected crops up! And girl, I *hear* you on the dating front..!

    Kate x

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  3. I hope you had an amazing time at the bloggers blog awards and met all the lovely bloggers! I hope your anxiety is getting better and I’d love to know where abouts you’ll be going to in Greece x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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    1. Aww I did thank you, and it is! its just sometimes rears its head. I promise i’ll let you know when I know! Thank you for the lovely comment! xxx


  4. I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful time at the #BloggersBlogAwards and that your girls put you at ease, going along with friendly people makes all the difference! I’m definitely prone to taking on a bit too much as well haha, I need to learn the art of saying no! Best of luck with Blogtober, can’t wait to read your posts!

    Abbey 🍂

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  5. Em, I’m so bloody proud of you. I know its taken us a long time to meet but we finally did it and YOU DID FANTASTIC! You really did amazing this weekend and I’m so glad we all clicked so well to be able to get on without any anxiety worries… I mean of course we may have had it there in the back of our mind but we still made it ok, we got through it didn’t we with a bunch of giggles! Love you lots and so excited to meet up again!


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