Sunday Morning Bliss.

Seriously, ask yourself this. How would you spend your Sunday Morning if you had the chance too. Cuddling up in bed watching your favorite show. Walking up a mountain? Or doing the walk of shame with a McDonalds in hand?IMG_1762

Sunday Mornings, are the last glimpse of the relaxation until you have to put your bra back on and get on with the week. So I thought I would share my ultimately dreamy Sunday morning routine. Costa and all ❤

Waking up.

I’d wake up around 8am, to a lovely fresh coffee. Hopefully, Vanilla! After leisurely drinking my coffee and scrolling through twitter(No shame), I would pull on my slippers and stroll down stairs. Being greeted by the smell of warm croissants and my smelly but excitable pup.

Get dressed and get out

After wolfing down a croissant or two(and getting dressed into my comfies), I’d jump in my dad’s van and spend a 20 minute drive putting the world to rights. We’d pull up at one of my favorite places in the world, Clumber Park. As cheesy as it seems watching my dog have the time of his life playing in the wood and running around fields really does make me happy. Got to love the dopey little fella.

We’d eventually walk back round to the van and have a few coffees, sit and chat about the coming week and possibly discuss the best driod in Star Wars- Obviously R2D2 BUT I do love BB-8.

Once the coffee ran out and so did the morning, we’d go home and spend the rest of the day avoiding each other!

What about you? How would you spend your perfect Sunday morning?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Bliss.

  1. This sounds perfect but I would swap the croissants for pancakes or crepes. I would love to go out for a nice lunch with friends, maybe do something in the morning and then just relax in the evening. I usually have a long bath on Sundays and do all the mundane beauty stuff like eyebrow plucking – not the funnest of tasks! 🙂


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