Finding your Feet, again.

Don’t worry this is my Dad and not some random dude I stalked.

**WARNING- I am most definitely, feeling sorry for myself! Bloody Cold!**

Hello lovelies.

I’m so sorry there wasn’t a post up last night but I felt so low. I just had to write the day off and snuggle up in bed. I should be back to normal in no time! A night off was needed.

And don’t  we all need a night like that? Every person I have met recently has felt so drained, not only within themselves but within their lives. Is it me, or has the change in season changed peoples mentalities?

Taking time away from the world- yes, that does include getting off twitter! Is very much needed and I wanted to share with you just a few things I reach for when life feels more like It’s a Knock out than The Price is Right.


I recently found my love of reading again. Delving in to a great story line is a perfect get away for  anyone. Whether you are a slow reader or a show stopping speed reader. Grabbing an old favourite *cough* Harry Potter*cough*  can really take you away from life’s stresses, if only for 20 minutes.

Or opening a brand spanking new book(oh the smell of a new book!), with new characters to love and hate. Getting swooped up in unexpected plot twists, drama or just the fiery hat rid of a character *cough* Percy Weasley*cough*.  Whether new or well loved reading can be the perfect platform to cut off the world and turn your mind off.

Bath- with every form of bubble you can imagine.

There may only be three people in our house, but there isn’t any privacy. There is no where to escape arguments, stress or just get away for a bit. Except that is, the bathroom. Locking people away, to enjoy the bubbliest, warmest, soothing bath- is perfect.

I love to pop a podcast or a vlog on just to drown out any other noise. Like the dog playing with his toys or my mum hovering! Ahh bliss.

Walking a pet.

I know some people don’t have pets, but getting out of the house with or without an animal will be good for you. Spending time away from sources of ‘pain in the arse-ary’ (I know that’s not a word but it most definitely should be) is just bloody lovely. An hour just walking until you decide to turn back is sometimes all you need to put your mind at rest.

If you do have a pet, you will understand the excitement they have on there faces as there bounding up and down a field. And that happiness you see plastered across their cute little face really does make things seem a little less stressful.

Life is stressful at times and (if we’re honest) everyone can think themselves into a bad mood. So I hope this rambley little post will help you find a new ways of getting away from ‘pain in the arse-ary’.

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