A week in Afandou.

Hello my loves,

As many of you will know I have been on a much needed holiday. Spending a week giggling, swimming and laying in the sun(and of course many a cocktail or forty)  was perfect.

We kind of found this perfect girly get away by chance, the money was right it was close to a resort we loved and we could fly from a local airport. So it came as a surprise that we both feel in love as soon as the coach drove up heart attack hill.


Since coming back I have been asked numerous times where its is! And to be honest I didn’t know either.

Afandou is about a 15-20 minute drive from Falaraki, Rhodes. It is a working town which doesn’t see too many tourists’. There only a few Taverna’s, stores and bars but, everyone of them are home to the kindest, staff and people. I can honestly say I didn’t meet a horrible person whilst I was there.

Rhodos Star Hotel.

I love this hotel. Every member of staff were lovely, and both me and my friend were treated as friends rather than customers. Being based at the very top of heart attack hill, meant you were greeted with beautiful views from every direction.  The entrance to the Hotel was pretty too (I say pretty because I still can’t believe I fell down the stairs),with palm trees to the left and a stunning terracotta stair case to the right.

The foyer was traditional,  with grand flooring and a sweet little reception desk. Upon arrival we were given keys to the newly built apartments. A spacious, clean quite honestly beautiful room.  With Marble sink and a huge shower, it was easily the nicest room I’ve stayed in abroad.

Even though the dinning hall wasn’t large by any means, there was always something to eat, no matter what your preference may be. With Euros, being served at lunch and huge pasta dishes being served at tea time. Even the most picky of people would be able to find at least something.

Now, lets get to the bevies. You guys know the two loves of my life is coffee and cocktails so when it comes to beverages I know what I like. Out of the two I have to say the cocktails are the clear favourite form this resort. After a few days it became clear to the bar man that I loved a tequila sunrise. Many of the times, I or my friend visited the bar the amazing bar man would already know what we wanted (yes, we both are creatures of habit). The cocktails were refreshing and pretty strong too.

Now, lets get to the coffee. It was a bog standard, coffee machine which you find in  most all inclusive resorts. With the coffee being a little weak, and self served (in fiddly little mugs) I felt it was kind of lack lustre. Although, it definitely did the job until the pool bar opened at 10.

The week.

This holiday was never planned to be filled with sights. The plan was to relax, laugh and just have some time away from the world. And that is exactly what happened. After claiming two sun lounges, we  sunbathed swan and giggled the week away.

We stayed in the hotel to watch the entertainment, starting with a singer (he was pretty good) who surprised us all by bust out his acoustic rendition of Drake’s, Hotline bling. A cheeky night of Karaoke (NO, I DIDNT TAKE PART), was the night we really started to let ourselves go and have a blast. Having a giggle with other visitors from all over the UK.  And last but not least(there were only three nights of entertainment), was a Greek night, which included traditional Greek Dancers, and the hotel’s owner signing the night away.

Even though we spent a lot of time around the pool, we did venture into the town a few times, with a visit very early in the morning to avoid the mid day heat. Due to the time a lot of places were closed but we got to see the stunning town in all its glory. A few days later we ventured out to grab a few souvenirs and some lunch. After a browse around a shop or two we found a cute little Teverna and had a spot of lunch. I had a Greek Salad, filled with Tomatoes and basically a block of feta, with a side of Garlic Bread (it was delicious). After a further browse we ventured up the hill to spend the day playing pool. Perfect.

And, yes I bloody loved it.


I would come back, time and time again. The place is beautiful and perfect for a get away. I would say It is probably more for couples that two friend or a family. Although, its seriously worth a visit. This holiday was the perfect way of giving my the travel bug back.  So, thank you Afandou, you were perfect.

*This is my own view, of a holiday which I paid for. Views are mine and mine alone*

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  1. Lucky lucky you, this looks AH-MA-ZINGGGG! The scenery is just gorgeous, Greece is one of my favourite destinations and I would love to go back! Good cocktails make a great holiday even better, so I’m glad you were able to indulge and enjoy some here! Your photos from Afandou are gorgeous, thanks for sharign your getaway with us!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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    1. Thanks, my poor photography skills just don’t do it justice! I couldn’t agree more. I love Greece, I’m actually planning on going back next year. Thanks for such an amazing lovely comment xxx


  2. This sounds like an amazing holiday and so close to Rhodes too! Your photography is beautiful too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

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